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Product Description

A combination of heartfelt stories, soul-baring admissions, and valuable advice, Behind the Rank Volume 1 is a collection of powerful voices, calling out to every woman Veteran and service member. Each having faced the pressures of being a wife, a mother, a sister, and a friend, all while serving their country, Lila Holley and twenty-nine women come together to impart knowledge, guidance, and compassion to support the women leaders who are now serving behind them.

These stories will encourage all of you to face your struggles in the military head on, to cease suppressing your presence in this “man’s world,” to stand proudly in the service you have chosen, and to celebrate your womanhood. Despite the intimidation, oppression, and harassment you may face throughout your military career, you will overcome because of the qualities you possess—the ones that led you to serve honorably in the first place.

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