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The Washington Redskins lost their game in Week 10 to the Minnesota Vikings. This game started quick and immediately had fans excited and believing that this team could pull off another unlikely win. All week the discussion has been that the Vikings have a stellar defense and that our injury plagued offense wouldn’t be able to do much. Right out of the gate the Redskins were determined to prove everyone wrong. A few good runs from Fat Rob and a fantastic catch from Maurice Harris resulted in the Redskins getting on the board first. Unfortunately, the defense couldn’t come out and make a stop. On the Vikings first drive they immediately charged down the field and scored. The first quarter was basically a mirrored contest. Both teams scoring quick, both teams punting right after. Could the Redskins do just enough to secure the win? Sadly no.

The game slowly unraveled. Not in the messy disastrous way that we’ve seen, but in an almost flat and fireless way.  The Vikings had no real challenge moving the ball. Case Keenum spread the ball around, and the Redskins defense couldn’t muster together a stop at all. The same defense that shocked everyone by holding the Seahawks the week before to multiple field goal attempts, couldn’t find a way to make it happen this week. The vibe in FedEx was eerily calm. There were way too many purple jerseys and the swag and confidence that somehow made it to Seattle, did not show up in Landover. Kirk Cousins and the offense had a chance to head into the locker room with some momentum. They had the ball with about a minute and half left and one time out. Just drive the field and put any points on the board. Kirk pulled a Kirk. Interception thrown. The Vikings, again without and hesitation, quickly scored. From there, the game was out of hand.

That was until the 4th quarter. Time for a different story. The defense woke up. D.J. Swearinger specifically woke up. Big hits, followed by two interceptions put the Redskins right back in it. The offense found ways to score. The old-man-that-could Vernon Davis started making moves and finding ways to bring in Kirks passes. The offense had a glimmer of life. Hope was in the air. The Redskins scored, the second rushing TD by Kirk had everyone believing. Sadly though, it wasn’t enough. The Redskins couldn’t score again, albeit for a measly field goal that helped pad the score. The Defense couldn’t generate a rush, or a sack. The confidence from coach Gruden to keep going for it on 4th down, while it was appreciated, ended up causing the Redskins some valuable points had they just kicked a field goal. It wasn’t a horrible game, it wasn’t an amazing game. It was a flat game. A game with no urgency, passion or thirst. Hopefully next week the Redskins can find a way, yet again, to beat another red-hot team and keep their playoff hopes alive.







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