Saucy Prophecy – NFL Predictions Part II

Saucy Prophecy – NFL Predictions Part II

This is the second act of my three part prediction special.  I’m almost positive that I stirred up some sauce with the first one.  But depending on how spicy you like it, I might’ve tickled your tonsils.  I just want to reiterate, the Madden Curse is real people!  Since my last article, Jay Cutler has signed a one-year deal with the Miami Dolphins.  What does that mean?  For dolphins fans, it means you are about to board the diabetic roller coaster of which that is Mr. Jay Christopher Cutler.  Chicago enjoyed (sarcasm) this exciting venture for 8 seasons.  Now he is the Fins problem, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  Or in this case, another man’s rubbish.  I honestly hope he is successful, maybe Jay and Jarvis can get something going in the pre-season and carry them to a division title.  Do not think for one minute that I believe that, just wishful thinking.

I’ve tried my hardest to avoid this next topic, but only because it has caused so much controversy over the last year.  Colin Kaepernick!  Does he deserve another job or does he not?  In my honest opinion, I think he is good enough to be a backup somewhere for sure.  He is still young and still has possibly some good football in the tank.  I actually believe he could start for a handful of teams.  I think Cleveland would be a good fit, Brock Osweiler is a joke to me.  But I guess since Brock didn’t take a knee for the National Anthem, he will still get a chance to be a quarterback somewhere.  The obvious choice is the New York Jets, they need help real bad.  He would be an instant spark for that team, and could also have a serious impact on ticket sales too.  Sometimes we fail to remember that it isn’t always about wins and losses.  It is about the fans, they want to see an exciting product.  Kaep still has that WOW factor, could get a couple wins just with his legs alone.  I vote to #bringbackKaep.  By no means does this mean I am a fan of Colin Kaepernick at all, nor do I share the same opinion as him.  Thank you!

Now for the real flavor, a little toss of sauce.  I’ll start with the NFC West, which is packed with some dynamic running backs.  Offense isn’t necessarily the strong point of this division.  The San Francisco 49ers are at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to offensive potency.  Blaine Gabbert is now in the Arizona Cardinals organization and well, we know where Kaepernick is.  Carlos Hyde is a beast but should still be hampered by injuries considering his history.  The defense is somewhat talented but it won’t matter if they stay on the field for the whole game.  The Los Angeles Rams aren’t a bad team, the defensive side of the ball has some real playmakers.  I foresee them possibly stealing that 2nd place spot from Arizona in the division.  Jared Goff needs a lot of help on offense, in fact he could actually use a nice veteran quarterback to mentor him.  Sean Mannion and Dan Orlovsky aren’t the one for that job.  They will show glimpses of success, but it will come in waves along with bumps and bruises.  The Valley of the Sun is a whole different conundrum, some of the pieces aren’t quite what they use to be.  Carson Palmer was once a coveted play caller and still provides plenty of experience.  Unfortunately I think he is way past his prime and his health might be a problem again this year.  It might be time to look toward the future.  David Johnson is easily a potential MVP candidate, should still continue to run wild over the division and all NFL opponents this season.  Arizona will end up at 9-7, which isn’t good enough considering Seattle is just as strong as ever.  Pete Carroll finds a way to plug players in and continue dominance.  He has en eye for talent and knows when to pull the trigger, adding Eddie Lacy gives them a good third down option as well.  12 wins this year for the Seahawks.  Losses to the Packers, Giants, and Cowboys on the road and slide another in there somewhere at home.

You can’t talk about sauce without mentioning the South.  The AFC South is a group that is very predictable.  The Jacksonville Jaguars have struggled for a while now and a lot of that failure belongs to Blake Bortles.  He has been horrible.  Another suitor for our friend Colin Kaepernick?  This team is extremely talented, then they went ahead and drafted the future of the team in Leonard Fournette.  But you can only go so far with Bortles at the helm, let’s see Brandon Allen already.  Jacksonville is at the bottom, the rest is a coin flip for me.  Houston Texans would be the obvious choice, but I don’t like Tom Savage and I think Deshaun Watson isn’t an NFL quarterback.  Defense is stout and they have talented receivers but it won’t be enough.  QB’s are the X-factor among these four teams.  Indianapolis Colts have what they thought was the chosen one when it comes to quarterbacks.  But keeping him on the field has been harder than keeping the owner Jim Irsay sober.  The pieces are there, defense isn’t amazing but they could score some points and end up at 9-7.  Tennessee will win this very competitive division. 10-6 should do the trick for the Titans.  Marcus Mariota has come into his own and is running this squad toward a division title.  The running game is on point with the dynamic duo of Henry and Murray.  Drafting Corey Davis is a great pickup and will add some speed to the receiving corps.  Nashville will be lit when January rolls around.

I spent a lot of time in the South and I’ve had some amazing food.  It was some of the spiciest cuisine you could ask for, but it also tasted like nothing you’ve ever experienced.  The NFC South is pretty similar if you think about it.  New Orleans is known for a few things.  Once upon a time, it was one of the deadliest cities in the world.  It’s also known for the food and Mardi Gras, both very satisfying experiences.  It’s also known for Hurricanes!  Drew Brees is still chucking the pigskin in NOLA like a whirlwind of yards, which means they’ll always have a gamblers chance.  But when Brandin Cooks left, they took a hit.  Just hope the fans stay faithful and don’t bring back the paper bags.  New Orleans struggles to win in a tough division, another losing season.  Next up is the Carolina Panthers, former MVP Cam Newton always gives them a fighting chance.  Cam and the Panthers haven’t done much since the Super Bowl 50 debacle.  They remain optimistic with the drafting of McCaffrey, but I don’t believe that will be enough.  Just above the Saints, they need more weapons.  The Atlanta Falcons had a great season last year and didn’t seem to lose too many pieces.  Matt Ryan led the team all the way to the show and even halfway home to a SB victory.  But Tom Brady Stole  his ring, unfortunately for him he won’t be going back anytime soon.  Should’ve took advantage of the opportunity when you were there Matty Ice.  Tampa Bay added a huge asset in Desean Jackson this off-season, making them my favorite to win the NFC South.  I know, it’s Desean Jackson.  But this will prove huge for a team that is desperate to get into the playoffs.  Famous Jameis will have a great supporting cast, he needs to stay in the pocket and deliver the football.  Tampa Bay finishes 11-5 and wins the division going 3-0 in the final three games of the season.


To be continued…



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