How To Select The Right MLM Opportunity

Written by on 02/20/2017

Don’t read this any further because this is a scam!!  Sound familiar?  It appears online about pretty much every single multi-level marketing company.  From the newest company that has only been around for a few days to a company that has been thriving for a half of a decade, to a company like Avon, which seems like it has been around forever.  Even Amazon’s affiliate program has been called a scam.  Seriously, just Google it and you’ll find pages of people who swear that the largest online retail company in the world is a scam.  Really? So how do you select the right MLM opportunity?

Before we move forward, I’m going to give you a little advice.  First, expect for me to try and sell you something at the end of this. Second, approach your research as a person who wants to hear both sides of the story.  Don’t start doing your research and as soon as you hear the word “scam” in the reviews then you run for cover!  Why?  Because I have been that person.  Sure, I’ve been the person searching and the person running away, but I’ve also been the person who wrote SCAM in the comments.  Only to realize years later that the company didn’t work for me because I didn’t do any damn work, or anything that I was told to do and I still expected to make money.  But the truth was that the person or company I originally joined made a ton of money on attraction marketing, and I didn’t understand it so I quit and called it a scam.  Years later, and after actually making the decision to apply myself to a new company, I realized that I was wrong, and felt really bad about it.  But most people don’t care if they were wrong.  If the opportunity doesn’t work as fast as they want it to, then it’s automatically a scam.  People always tell you everything that supposedly didn’t happen, but I rarely see someone come out and and say the things they were told to do, and still didn’t do any of it.  It’s like everyone who has ever tried anything online has ALWAYS done everything that they needed to do.  Knowing how lazy most people are and how much they bitch and complain about the things people just need to give them without having to earn it, I’m willing to at least listen to the defense in most cases.  People need to realize that “working from home” means that you actually have to WORK!

But again, there ARE actual scams out there, and they don’t walk around with that word pasted to their websites or on the foreheads of their representatives, so you still need to look out for a few things.  Let’s start out with the basics first.

Multi-Level Marketing

By definition, multi-level marketing is:

Direct selling method in which independent-agents serve as distributors of goods and services, and are encouraged to build and manage their own sales force by recruiting and training other independent agents. In this method, commission is earned on the agent’s own sales revenue, as well as on the sales revenue of the sales-force recruited by the agent and his or her recruits (called downline).

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Now, before we move forward, let’s get to the elephant in the room.  A pyramid scheme.  It’s a very nasty word with very serious consequences.  And again, you can find it on any review page for pretty much any company that uses this form of direct sales marketing.

Pyramid Scheme:

Chain-recruiting scam in which the main objective is to continuously bring in new members (euphemistically called sales representatives, independent representatives, or even ‘investors’) than to sell anything of real value. In this scheme, ‘A’ recruits ‘B’ and ‘C,’ who in turn recruit ‘D’ and ‘E’ and ‘F’ and ‘G,’ who in turn recruit … and so on. Every new member pays an entrance fee (typically called ‘investment’ or some other beguiling name) which is divided among his or her recruiter, recruiter’s recruiter, and … right up to the originator of the scheme. This charade continues until the whole structure collapses from the ever growing need for more and more gullible recruits and everybody (except the promoters and the early recruiters) loses out.

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Did you notice that I highlighted “goods and services” in the definition for a multi-level marketing company?  And did you also notice that there were no goods and services whatsoever in the definition of a pyramid scheme?  That’s the major difference.  If there is no product, then there is no real business.  This is why Avon is not a pyramid scheme.  This is why Amway in its current form with its cheaper products is not a pyramid scheme, this is why Herbalife is not a pyramid scheme…..and so on.  I don’t work for Herbalife, but if I would ever get my fat ass out from around my desk at home and start working out, I would probably look to an Herbalife representative because I’m really cheap and I know their products are cheaper, or “more affordable” than what I can find at any General Nutrition Center in the mall.  Are there better products out there?  Yessir!  But that means that I have to actually take the time and do the research, and then actually go and get the higher priced, better stuff.  Again, I’m the lazy guy.  I work on my computer for a living, not run marathons.

So now that you understand the difference between a legitimate MLM opportunity, and a pyramid scheme, let’s move on with the lesson of how to actually find the right opportunity for you.  But since I actually don’t know you, I’m going to point out some of the hot points that most people look for when they approach me, whether I offer them or not.

The Product

Are there products in this MLM opportunity?  When you are looking for a company to become a part of, you want to sell a product that you need or can actually use yourself.  Why?  Because if you don’t want to use what you’re selling, then how are you going to get someone else to buy it?  People are smart these days.  They learn pretty fast when you’re reading from a script and really don’t give a rats ass about the product.  One way to tell if the product is a good fit is to see if you can figure out what problem, or problems the product is a solution to.  For example, if the company says that it sells products for the consumers who are trying to learn how to run an online business, you should probably see products like online webinar systems, email marketing systems, websites, and social media tools and resources.  These are products that people are searching for when launching an online business.  I know, because I’ve purchased a few of them myself.  So, what is the product, and is it relevant, or does it provide a solution to someone’s problems?  And also, can you actually see yourself selling it?  If no, then move on to the next one.

The People

What are the people like within this MLM opportunity?  Do they seem open, up front, and honest with you?  Do they put themselves in a position to where they can easily be reached, or do they disappear after people pay them to be a part of the organization?  Do they answer your questions?  How long did it take them to reach out to you after you signed up online?

That last question was big for me and the reason why I’m still where I am today.  But I’ll tell you about that at another time.

What about the guy/girl in charge?  Are they active within their community, or are they just a pretty face that seems to make all the money but never engages with people who don’t make as much?  I converse with millionaires every day, and as you probably know already, I am not a millionaire.  But I believe in my product and I believe in my leaders, and that’s why I’m where I’m at today.

And here’s a tip for you.  While doing research on your company, don’t listen to idiots that write stuff about the leaders because they used to be in another company, or because they used to not have any money.  I mean, how many jobs have you had before?  Were you born rich, or did you have to work for it?  And if you’ve done MLM before, did you get rich the first opportunity you jumped on, or did you try a few?

Most people who get into this field for the first time have what I call the “squirrel disease.”  It’s like as soon as they see something shiny over there……SQUIRREL!  And they go running to see what it is.  Another saying for that is going to see if the grass is greener somewhere else.  Try not to get caught up in that tornado.  It’s really hard to get out of it because it just throws you from place to place.  I’m not saying to not keep your options open, but if you have not given the opportunity the chance to work yet, then don’t go running to the next shiny object.  You’ll burn through a lot of cash that way, and potentially ruin your online reputation.

Since I don’t have any online complaints about me, I haven’t ruined my reputation, but until I got settled three years ago, I did burn through a lot of cash jumping from spot to spot.

Evolving Company

Is your MLM opportunity here to stay?  This is an important item for me to check off my list.  Look for a company that is always trying to build on their products to make sure that they can continue to operate in a year, five years, or five decades down the road.  Also, does the company have weekly team or company calls or online meetings?  This is important because it not only gives you the opportunity to ask questions, but it allows you to invite others who are interested in the opportunity and can check out the company for themselves.


Does your MLM opportunity have live events?  I absolutely LOVE events.  There are so many reasons why I love events.  First, because there is a power in the air when you get five hundred, a thousand, five thousand people who are just like you, and are like-minded together.  It’s not just for motivation, but it’s to help you stay focused on what’s important to you and your family.  A good company will have events on a quarterly basis, either online or in person.  And the trainings are top of the line. Every event that I’ve ever gone to, I’ve had that “aha” moment.  That moment where something clicks and usually answers a question that I have about my business.  Or it gives me that one breakthrough moment to help me push my business to the next level.  If you’ve never been to an entrepreneur event, I definitely recommend it.  If you don’t belong to an organization already, then I would recommend a GetMotivated Seminar in your area, or maybe even a live Tony Robbins event if you can swing the cash to go.  Events give you the opportunity to network, create partnerships, and just be around great people who are just as motivated to succeed as you are.

I’ve been to about eight EN events, and I’ve loved every one of them.  The Red Rock Resort in Vegas was awesome.  Come to think of it, the event at Lake Las Vegas was cool too.  Did you know there was a Lake Las Vegas?  It’s actually just North of Henderson, Nevada.  Great place, and only about a 20 minute drive to the strip!

I also loved the event at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, Tennessee.  If you’ve never stayed there, I highly recommend it.  You’ll see why when you look it up.  Oh, and then the event in Orlando at the Hyatt Regency.  I know every room has a bathroom, but man, this one had a damn television IN THE BATHROOM MIRROR!  Can you say home renovation?


Can your MLM opportunity deliver on freedom?  Of course they all say it because it’s a word that I think is overused sometimes.  But inevitably, it’s defined by whatever you want to define it as.  Does it give you the freedom to travel to exotic beaches?  Does it give you the ability to not have to work so many hours to pay your bills?  Does it give you the freedom to spend more time with your kids?

I didn’t put the definition of freedom because it varies from whatever you want to achieve for you.  Me? I’ve got a few goals.  But one that is on the top of my list is to make enough money to open up military veteran training centers across the country, helping veterans become entrepreneurs.  I’d probably call it the Veteran Network, or JD’s Veteran Network……or something like that.

Whatever freedom is to you, find the company that will give you the opportunity to go and get it.  But it starts with you making a decision.  Are you strong enough to be able to make that decision?  If you’re saying yes, or even if you’re on the fence about potentially going after your dreams, watch this free video below and I’m going to introduce you to my friend, Nick.  Why Nick?  Because I’ve got the face for radio and he is better at presentations than I am.

Wait, I told you at the beginning I was going to try and sell you.  So why are you surprised?  I would be doing you an injustice if I created this page and didn’t give you the opportunity to see what I was doing.  It’s a free video, and it doesn’t require any of your information to watch it.  Just watch the whole thing, and then hit me up online if you have any questions.

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Remember, the main goal is to find a place that not only gets you around like-minded people, but has leaders and mentors that are currently at the level that you want to reach.  Here’s a picture of me with my mentors, all six and seven figure earners.  Come join the team!


To your success!

Jeff Demers



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