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Our Vets, International Deals: Why Your Morning Joe Depends on Both

Crack open a cold one, or brew up your morning coffee, and let’s talk shop about something you might’ve seen on the news but never paid much mind to: international agreements. Those big ol’ deals made by folks in suits, shaking hands over fancy tables. How do these tie into the brave men and women […]


The Case Against Climate Lockdowns: Risking America’s Security and Sovereignty

The world has been bombarded with a myriad of buzzwords recently. “Climate lockdowns” has become one of those hot-button terms, rapidly making its way into conversations and debates. But strip away the catchy terminology and dig a bit deeper, and the potential consequences of such measures become alarmingly clear. For proponents of America’s security, sovereignty, […]


Quantum Dots: The Invisible Spies Among Us?

In the dimly lit corridors of 1980s tech labs, while most of America was entranced by pop culture and the promise of a tech-driven future, a discovery was made that could quietly shape the very fabric of our nation’s security: quantum dots. Before delving into the shadows they cast, let’s illuminate what they really are. […]


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