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There are NO “sacred cows” on Freedom’s Voice. Political correctness does NOT rule here. Freedom’s Voice shines the light of a Biblical Worldview on all facets of life. We know true, pure freedom is found in an individual relationship with God through Jesus Christ. That freedom comes with responsibility! We are responsible to God! We serve Him!


Biblical Worldview

A worldview is the framework from which we discern reality and make sense of life and the world. A Biblical worldview translates all of life with Biblical principles.

Our nation, the world, does not simply ignore a Biblical worldview, as has been done in the past . . . it is ACTIVELY seeking to destroy it.

God calls you to embrace, internalize, and declare a Biblical worldview. Every facet of life, no exceptions, requires the lens of God, NOT the viewpoint of man.

This framework originates in the Bible, which requires a literal, grammatical, and historical contextual interpretation. God says what He means and means what He says. Furthermore, despite what our society says, there is only ONE truth. Absolute truth is God’s ALONE.

Endowed by our Creator

Today we have been conditioned that “privilege” is equal to freedom and is conferred by “some” authority outside of God. Many in today’s world hold that government, the elites, the media – they are the source of our “privileges” – the freedom we are granted. This false authority leads to the servitude of man. They (government, elites, media, etc.) want to control us.

Our founders knew we “are endowed by (our) Creator” and they stated their “firm reliance on the protection of divine providence.” We are endowed with unalienable rights – NOT “privileges” – such as Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness by our CREATOR – NOT by man.

Listen . . .    so that you can learn

Learn . . .    so that you can live

Live. . .        so that you can love

Love . . .     LIKE NEVER BEFORE: God, Family, Country, and Freedom!


Kris & Wendy Hager

President & Secretary/Treasurer

Everything in our lives starts with God. He is our foundation, our bedrock, the place from which all else emanates. The Lord has and continues to take us on a spiritual journey; molding us and teaching us through tragedy and triumph.

A pivotal life-altering day was February 22nd of 2007. We received the devastating call that my son, SSG Joshua Ryan Hager, was KIA in Iraq. We became a member of a group that no one ever wants to be part of. We became a Gold Star family. A second pivotal life-altering day arrived on December 1st, 2008 when God brought our son, Carson, into the world. Our life was in turmoil and God brought us an unexpected, unplanned miracle. Tragedy and triumph, sorrow and joy permeate our life. We choose to embrace both, learn from each, and allow God to work through us for His Glory.

Through the death of Joshua, we have been spiritually sustained by many phenomenal non- profit organizations. Furthermore, our bond with those who have chosen to serve and sacrifice in our military is profound. This deep connection with our military was the initial motivation for creating Freedom’s Voice, Inc., yet God interrupted our plans to re-focus us on His plan!

Our “re-focus” has brought us to realize the most important message: “From God Comes Freedom”. Many voices from multiple perspectives will be found here, yet there is only one voice, one truth that is above all – God’s Truth!

We pray that Freedom’s Voice brings education, inspiration, and motivation to all! Together, we will not only uplift and restore this nation, we will make an eternal difference!

God Bless

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