Ep: 185 – Mind Shift Vol. 6 – Breaking Out of Your Box

How many times in life have you felt like you were trapped in a box?  What was the cause?  Maybe you are in a box right now looking for a way out. Well now is the time to make that Decision, it’s time to “Break Out of Your Box”  In this episode we continue with our Mind Shift Series and discuss “Breaking Out Of Your Box”

We share some personal experiences when we feel boxed in and offer some insight on things we do to help Break Out Of Your Box.   Take a listen. 

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Ep: 183 – Mind Shift Vol.4 – Slay your Demons

When you hear the word Demons, what do you think of?  We all have things we struggle with in our own lives and sometimes, some of those things are hard to get over.  We call these things our demons.   What are your Demons?   Whatever they might be, talk with someone about them.  Remember you are never alone.  

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