Ep: 006 – Mark England

Mark England is a master educator, language specialist, and world renowned speaker. Join us for this powerful episode with Mark as he shares with us what the Reticular activating system we have in our brain is and how we keep ourselves stuck in our stories and their impact on our life. There is so much great information in this episode I strong recommend that you listen when you can pay full attention and take notes. Taking action on what Mark shares will have a direct impact in your life. If you would like to learn more about what Mark teaches or take his Procabulary course check his website out at https://procabulary.org

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Ep: 005 – The truth about weight loss

Weight loss is a bi product of knowing where you want to go and letting go of any past trauma and mistakes that you are holding on to. Focusing on diet and exercise first before the mental and emotional cause of weight gain will only result in failure once the goal is met. 97% of people that lose weight end up gaining it back when the focus is on the diet or exercise and not in creating behaviors to match what you envision your future life to look like.

Sometimes the changes we need to make are a mystery to ourselves, thats where hiring a coach comes in or finding someone you trust to hold you accountable. Consider your past …

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Ep: 004 – Special Guest, Jason St. Clair

The importance of Reliability, Relationships, and the importance patience when growing yourself or your business. 

Jason St. Clair is a former MLB baseball player turned professional sports agent, CEO of Xendurance, one of the fastest growing and responsible supplement companies in the world and most importantly a husband and father to 3 daughters. 

Jason and I have been friends for over 6 years and at one point we where partners in Rush Club. Join our conversation as Jason shares his methods for success and the decision to transform their already very successful company into a new process of doing business called Social Level selling.

Where to find Jason St. Clair
Instagram @jasonxnd
LinkIn Jason St. Clair

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Ep: 002 – Without Integrity nothing works

I recently joined a program created by Mark England called procabulary. Mark shared the meaning and origin of the Aramaic word Abracadabra “With my words, I create”. 
As someone who professionally serves clients to transform their lives by engaging in conversation, this jumped out at me! 
Our words and how we use them are our most powerful tool, however we can only posses the power to optimize these tools when we have integrity with our word. …

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Ep: 001 – How psychedelics helped me?

*Disclaimer Psychedelics are clinically and traditionally proven to help and heal the body and mind beyond what any modern medicine can do. They also have far less negative side effects. 

Psychedelics are considered a schedule 1 narcotic in many states. Some countries out side the us like Soltara and Rythmia in Costa Rica offer retreats for these alternative medicines. There are even small groups in the US with special permission under the protection of religious rights. 

Never would I thought I would be speaking and writing about this topic. After my experiences and the profound growth as a husband, father, and friend they provided me, I share this crazy out of this world experience every chance I get. 

I firmly …

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