Is There Enough Racism to Meet Demand?

There is a demand for racism in America. The reason for this demand is not because America is a racist country, or because American institutions or the American people, broadly, are racist. It exists because of those particular politicians and members of the media who seem to desire instances of racism which they can utilize to support their political agenda. They’re not racist themselves, but the existence of racism would positively serve their agenda.

Their tactics are dangerously simple: read racism into naked disparities or questionable circumstances without clear evidence, impute racism to the country at large, and then use this monumental accusation to justify tearing down the system and remolding it into some unspecified ideal. The problem for them …

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The Great America

HMG Guest Writer: Alvaro Daza

This is a story of Alvaro journey while he was in the America.

It is enough to sleep to imagine the famous American dream that has been talked about for so long, that which consists of achieving what you propose in a country that has been for decades a recipient of people from all countries that we can imagine. 

United States, is one of those places where you are surprised, beyond the random things you can think, there is a lot of learning just imaginable from the perspective of now. 

When I arrived in America, I entered Houston before the astonished look of a security guard who let me in, thank God, without a return …

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