Ep: 017 – Toni Brooks Army Veteran

Our host BriGette McCoy talks with Founder and CEO Toni Brooks about her business ventures, military service, transition and her serial philanthropy with the Toni Brooks Foundation. 

Toni Brooks is an Army National Guard veteran, Fashion Entertainment Producer, Fashion Stylist, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, and award-winning Philanthropist. Toni made helping others part of her professional and personal lifestyle and believes “if we focus on just being a good person, good will come out of us.”

The Toni Brooks Foundation

Thanks to our sponsors and In-Kind Donors  

AARP Georgia

Protect Our Defenders

Jimmy Carter Presidential Museum


Editing by Parthon

Music By Connie Baptist  …

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Ep: 016 – Lisa Hiering Applying for SSDI

Our host BriGette McCoy talks with Founder and CEO of Side By Side Solutions, LLC, Lisa Hiering about her business which is a company that empowers Veterans to navigate the complex Social Security Disability process in a way that increases their chances of approval and minimizes their chances of denial.

Lisa Hiering sharpened her skills as a Social Security Claims Specialist and her oldest son is a combat Marine Corps Veteran so to her, Veterans are her family. The veteran community is where Lisa’s passion lies and so she feels driven to help. Because she is disabled herself, she understands the challenges veteran are facing. Veterans she has worked with describe Lisa as “a wealth of information”,” genuine”, “passionate”, “very …

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Ep: 008 – Relationship and Boundaries

This podcast is an informational on conflict, boundaries and effective communication within interpersonal relationships and the necessity to clarify where you are in every station of life.  I bring to the podcast how I am a ninja level with compartmentalizing my life.  How conflicts in personal and professional spaces can create different engagement and intensity levels for me. It is important to reassess your relationships. Don’t water things that you do not want to grow and nurture things, people and relationships that you want to grow.  …

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Ep: 015 – National Guard Sharp event

CEO and Founder BriGette McCoy speaks during the GA National Guard SHARP event to currently serving military. The discussion is a candid perspective on the challenges personally  faced by BriGette and what we need to do as mission oriented professionals to continue the task making  sure to take responsibility for our words and behaviors when we are allies supporting survivors of military sexual assault. …

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