Predicting The Arizona Cardinals 2019 NFL Draft 1st Round

The Arizona Cardinals are officially in rebuild mode.  Sure, they still have a couple pieces from the past hanging around in Larry Fitzgerald and Patrick Peterson.  But for the 2019 NFL Draft, they hold all the cards, or at least the most important one; the first overall pick.

There are four areas that the Arizona Cardinals MUST fulfill in this draft or in free agency.  They need to get another Cornerback to go on the other side and complement Peterson.  They also need to get another Wide Receiver to go along with Christian Kirk and Larry Fitzgerald, and eventually take Larry’s place.  They also need to sure up an offensive line that had five backups starting for most of last …

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Diamondbacks Trade All-Star Goldschmidt To Cardinals

PHOENIX — The Arizona Diamondbacks acquired RHP Luke Weaver (@DreamWeava7), C Carson Kelly (@carskelly), INF Andrew Young (@AndyjYoung15) and a 2019 Competitive Balance Round B draft pick (No. 6) from the St. Louis Cardinals for INF Paul Goldschmidt. The D-backs’ 40-man roster is now at 37.

“I would like to personally thank Paul Goldschmidt for everything he did as a D-back,” said D-backs Executive Vice President & General Manager Mike Hazen. “It’s not often you come across a player of his caliber who carries himself with such selflessness and humility, both on and off the field, while representing the organization and the state of Arizona.”

Weaver, 25, was 7-11 with a 4.95 ERA (75 ER in 136.1 IP) and …

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Press The Panic Button? Baseball Is Back!

The past three weeks have been heaven for baseball fans. The sport we live for is back! You will never find fans of one sport so die hard that when it’s not on, they sink into a funk so deep that the only thing that can possibly bring us out of it is maybe the sound of a ball hitting a wooden bat playing over and over like a stuck record player. Even then, it’s not quite the same. Once the beginning of April comes around, the sky shines a bit more blue, the birds sing a bit sweeter, and the smell of fresh cut grass burns into our nostrils and nothing could be more pleasant.

The 2016 season is …

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(Cardinal) Red October

Pardon me while I nerd out real quick on an interesting statistic I saw about Major League Baseball. Since Major League Baseball started divisions in 1994, the teams that were in first place by Labor Day would win their division, on average, 88% of the time. That means that at least 1 team has a collapse and loses their division. One of the most famous collapses came in 2007. The New York Mets were well ahead of their division by double digit games. It appeared that they were going to walk away with their division and roll into the playoffs. By September 17, they were 21 games over .500. In the last 3 weeks of the season, the Mets won …

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