Is There a Plan to Radically Restructure America?

If every crisis is an opportunity, then right now lawmakers are enjoying the occasion of a lifetime. Until several months ago, the United States had the strongest economy in world history. Those who make political hay by decrying economic disparities and critiquing the “rigged system” were finding their prospects increasingly bleak. But then came the most catastrophic black swan event in history.

Tens of thousands of Americans have died from the novel coronavirus. Thirty-six million Americans are unemployed. Parents are lining up at food banks to feed their families. Presently we sit paralyzed in a pivotal moment in time, with American suffering being weighed against American suffering to adjudicate which course of action hurts least.

On the surface, there …

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Community Growth during Crisis

With the Coronavirus shutting down more than half the country and confining people to their homes, it’s safe to say that we’re all suffering from a little bit of cabin fever. But while we’re limited with our contact to the outside world, communities themselves seem to be growing stronger. 

We all know that the big companies are helping out by making more masks and hand sanitizer, but communities are banding together to give aid as well. From programs to help the elderly and at risk obtain groceries, to neighborhoods putting their Christmas lights up to show solidarity, people are stepping up to support each other during this crisis. 

I visited my mother before our home state of NJ shut …

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