Veterans Unite, Ep: 006 – Dave Bray USA

Our special guest for this episode is Navy Veteran Dave Bray. Dave followed his father and brothers lead and joined the delayed entry program and the age of 17 and became a FMF Corpsman. Dave describes his on again off again relationship with his faith. He talks about how he starts his day and how that helps him to feel closer to his faith and God. We discussed where his patriotic spirit comes from and why Charlie Daniels book “Never Look at the Empty Seats” inspired him to make his storyteller album “Music on a Mission”. 

If you want to know more about Dave, his music and his mission, go to or you can find him on all social media …

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Washington, DC – Heroes Media Group, LLC

US Navy Vet, DAVE BRAY USA releases NEW ‘Storyteller Album’ that will change the Music Industry forever! It debuted Today at #6 on the iTunes Rock charts and is called “Music on a Mission”.

Bray’s story telling tracks along with his truly unique approach to songwriting will pull you into this audio journey like a black hole.

This album will take you through a whirlwind of emotions and will plant a seed of good will and patriotism into your heart.  Bray uses his warm tones to narrate the musical masterpiece and with his storyteller album he takes you inside the mind of the Patriot behind the music…

“The music is like something you …

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