Ep: 014 – Hunting 101 with Jason Spencer

Jason Spencer is a West Jordan Fire Captain and an avid hunter. When Jason is not working at the fire department he’s working part-time as a hobby in a small gun store called Gallenson’s in Salt Lake City Utah.

I had the pleasure of connecting with Jason Spencer this afternoon to discuss hunting 101. We talked about the many different life lessons that can be learned as a hunter, how to pick the best rifle for any small to large game found in America, and the importance that hunting plays in preserving the wildlife we love. Remember to check with your state Game and Fish Department.

I hope you enjoy this conversation hunting and those of you that have not …

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Ep: 011 – Failure Creates Opportunity To Develop A Winning Routine

What are you willing to do to succeed? Are you willing to face fear and call on failure? Are you willing to learn how to move quickly from one failure to the next? Are you willing to wake up and realize that we are all mortals and on a stead path to death. 

We have one opportunity in the realm of the flesh, One chance to maximize our experience here as mortals. To create the life you want to live,  we have to learn to block out the things that will rob you of your time. How much time do you spend working that can be taken back? How much time are you spending in front of your phone or …

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Ep: 010 – Clear Communication Kills All Doubt

Language is the foundation of everything there was, everything there is, and everything there will be. Without it we are nothing and with it we are anything we can imagine. However, when language is used without care it can cause sickness, hate, sadness and even destroy our world.

In this episode I call on the wisdom of a previous guest Mr. Mark England and his mastery and understanding of how we can better construct our language to create clarity, momentum and power in our lives. His Procabulary program is a game changer for all humans no matter what field of work you are in or what your relationship status might be. 

Please enjoy and I strongly recommend you look into …

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Ep: 008 – Serial Entrepreneur and Amazon Best Seller, Liz Nierzwicki

What can I say about Liz other than she’s on of the most loving, focused, committed, and determined women I have ever had the pleasure of sitting down with. 
Liz Nierzwicki is a mother turned serial entrepreneur and an Amazon Best Seller of Happy Healthy Fit. She is the Founder of her own Yoga studios, Yoga education school @solaceyogaschool and is the Host of Figure Fit Podcast. Liz loves people and her faith in God has clearly lead her down a solid path of success.…

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Ep: 007 – Fear, with Special Guest Patrick Sweeney

Patrick Sweeney is the Author of the new book Fear is Fuel, Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, and adventurer. His mission is to help people build confidence, courage and use fear as fuel.

In this episode we discussed how witnessing a tragic plane crash live on television catapulted him into a life of fear from the age of 7 – his mid 30’s. Patrick has spent the last few years working closely with researchers and neuroscientists to better understand the impact fear has on the human mind and how we can use it to reach new heights. 

Check out fearisfuel.comto get the book and for may more resource to help you better understand FEAR.

Special Thanks to: ATP Science, Spartan Race …

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