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Your Story Your Strength Series Join Award Winning Author Lila Holley as she interviews the Co-Authors go the new book ‘Behind the Rank’.  Here is a snippet from the Your Story Your Strength Series. “With each Camouflaged Sisters book project we’ve experienced the healing power of putting pen to paper and better understand the incredible […]

Washington, D.C. — Heroes Media Group (HMG), America’s leading podcast network dedicated to telling the stories of our nation’s heroes, announced today that they have expanded their service offering to include social media marketing, web development and content services to its clients. “Our clients are consistently requesting services that will grow their business alongside the […]

The “old school” way of doing sales was to get a customer, make them pay for as much as possible, and then never talk to them again!  The reasoning behind that was because you just maxed out their credit card for something that wasn’t worth half as much and you needed to get out of […]

Washington, DC – Heroes Media Group, LLC Hosted in the stunning and uber-picturesque hall at the National Building Museum, the “Salute Our Armed Services Ball” enjoyed a grand evening saluting our military members, police professionals, firefighters and their families.  Tony Orlando hosted the event and roused the crowd with his 1973 hit, “Tie a Yellow […]

Heroes Media Group Launches On-Line Heroes broadcast venue (Washington, DC)  – Heroes Media Group (www.heroesmediagroup.com) launches a new on-line broadcast venue to connect our nation’s heroes to their communities on Sat., Aug. 15, 2015.  Heroes Media Group is leading the way toward giving those who routinely sacrifice for their country or community a voice through […]

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