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GLENDALE, AZ- The environment at University of Phoenix Stadium was full of excitement and packed with fans from all over the country, and all over the world.  The last time I saw this stadium that packed was when I went to Wrestlemania about a decade ago.  Outside of that, I don’t believe I have ever seen […]

I love writing a blog series because it allows me to jump right into the content from part two and beyond without the detailed introduction of who I am and why you should learn from me.  But before I get into part two of Creating The Perfect Sales Funnel, I want to make sure that […]

Don’t read this any further because this is a scam!!  Sound familiar?  It appears online about pretty much every single multi-level marketing company.  From the newest company that has only been around for a few days to a company that has been thriving for a half of a decade, to a company like Avon, which […]

This blog started out as a very short Facebook post about “how to find your why,” and quickly turned into this blog post! The most powerful mindset to have is one that says “no matter what, I will succeed.” Because at that point, you’re setting yourself up as an ultimate problem solver. You’re saying that […]

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