Kevin Durant Leads Warriors to Important Game 4 Win Over Pelicans

Before the Pelicans played the Warriors in Game 4 of the 2018 Western Conference Semifinals, Pelicans’ Head Coach Alvin Gentry commented on how important he thought the 1st Quarter would be to the Pelicans success. Gentry said, “you have to be able to score the ball against these guys ‘cause they’re going to score it. If you’re struggling, offensively, then that just puts added pressure on your defense. You have to be able to try to come up with baskets, just to alleviate some of the pressure that you have dealing with their offense.” The offense is where the problems would begin for New Orleans on Saturday afternoon.

The Pelicans looked sloppy early-on much like they had in Game 3

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Shot Callers

I’d like to share a chain of events with you. They all happened within a couple days of each other and were not provoked. They stand independent of each other and serve to illustrate a point and not make one. Let’s proceed.

Me and my brother are sharing our careful analysis of Kevin Durant’s decision to sign with the Golden State Warriors, spurning the Oklahoma City Thunder. In line with the national discussion, the debate is heated. He falls on the side of those who think Durant’s decision to leave for the team that just beat him in last year’s Western Conference Finals in dramatic fashion (choked) is a code breaker and not the decision of a true all-time great. …

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