Ep: 003 – Brian – Marijuana

In this episode, we dive into Brian’s story and his trouble with Marijuana. Brain talks about his addiction and the trouble he had with the law.  He also shares how it’s much harder to get clean then what most people think.  Now, having more clean time than most people do in early recovery, Brian is able to shed some light on questions a lot of newcomers have and share some of his experience with sobriety. 

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Is Marijuana an Effective Treatment for Veterans?

As we discussed last week, the process of medicating veterans with opioid painkillers has serious drawbacks. Post traumatic stress disorder, which many veterans unfortunately suffer from, makes it easier to get hooked on these addictive drugs. Likewise, the opioids actually exacerbate the symptoms of PTSD.

With that in mind, Heroes Media Group wants to find alternative medication for readers suffering from PTSD and chronic pain. One potential treatment many of you have probably considered is medical marijuana. 

Through word-of-mouth, you’ve probably heard of the benefits. Marijuana use among veterans across the country is up, even in states where it’s still illegal. Veterans have reported the drug helps with pain, insomnia, anxiety and nightmares far more than pills prescribed …

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Ep: 004 – Bruno Barbieri

Great show lined up for you as I sit down and talk with Bruno Barbieri! Bruno is an international entrepreneur, investor and the founder & CEO of The Green Life APP. We are talking and educating you on Medical Marijuana & Hemp! Tune in! …

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