Divine Providence

Chalk it up to divine providence but the walk from Northgate to Kyle Field yielded another amazing story.

A beautiful girl passed by and Chris almost broke his neck checking her out. His wife Erika laughed and started teasing him. Thinking to myself these people seemed cool I walked up and told Chris I caught him looking too but its okay because I’m a writer.

They both laughed and I asked if either had a military connection.

Both of their Dads served in the Texas National Guard and help after Hurricane Carla which until Harvey was the worst storm Texas had seen.

Then Erika told me about her Great Uncle Glen Clecker.

Glen and his buddy Harlon graduated early from …

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Shia LaBeouf Discusses His New Film, “Man Down” with Heroes Media Group

Phoenix, Ariz. — Heroes Media Group (www.heroesmediagroup.com) interviewed Shia LaBeouf about his new Lionsgate Movie, “Man Down.” LaBeouf plays a U.S. Marine, who returns home from a combat tour to renegotiate civilian life while suffering from PTSD.

“I sent the script to the Marines, their media guy, and they didn’t want nothing to do with it. I felt every door close.  It was the total opposite of the reception I got when we did ‘Fury.’” said LaBeouf.  “They only co-sign movies that they think will help their recruiting numbers.   The military doesn’t want to deal with the actual issues so they use these sly euphemistic language things to protect themselves from the issues.”

Adam Bird, the host of …

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