What if #Q, #QAnon and #TheGreatAwakening are Real?

What if #Q, #QAnon and #TheGreatAwakening are Real?

By this point you may have heard Q mentioned online, whether in conservative circles or somewhere in your social media feed.  You likely didn’t pay too much attention to it, as many of us have known for a long time that nefarious, shady and corrupt elements exist within our government.  

If you’ve looked into anything regarding The Clinton Foundation you probably made a reasonable guess that she had been likely selling her presidency since her time at the State Department, but perhaps you didn’t go much further down the rabbit hole to see exactly who she was selling favors to, nor what those favors were.  

And though it was rather quiet

“Cigars and Sea Stories” will be added to the Heroes Media Group lineup

By HMG Staff

July 1, 2016

Phoenix, AZ – Heroes Media Group, LLC. , announced today a new show will be added to the fabulous HMG lineup this month. “Cigars and Sea Stories” featuring Marine veterans, Michael Penney, Bennett Tanton, Sebastian Juslin, Tim Parkhurst will air regularly on the internet’s largest radio station owned and operated by combat veterans.

“Mike has a great blog and ‘Cigars and Sea Stories’ is the venue that active military and veterans can use to empower themselves,” said Adam Bird, former Army Sergeant and founder of Heroes Media Group (HMG). “’Cigars and Seas Stories’ is well worth your time to ensure you have the latest information on veteran-issues and what other …

Modern Day Marine 2015 Gallery

Modern Day Marine 2015 Gallery

Another great year at the Modern Day Marine Expo 2015.  It was our second year there, first under the new platform Heroes Media Group.  This year’s expo was our busiest show yet, enjoyed meeting new people and creating new business relationships.  This year we raffled off a Yeti cooler and a few gift certificates thanks to our good friends at Reality Realty Virginia Heroes.

This year was so much fun!  We announced our new sponsor H3TacticalUSA (www.H3TacticalUSA.com) Got to sit with Jason Haag, Captain, USMC Ret., SgtMaj Alford L. McMichael, USMC, Ret. Roy Gibson From Military Benefits Association (https://www.militarybenefit.org), Michael Kessler and SgtMaj Overstreet,USMC,Ret. from the Young Marines (https://www.youngmarines.com) …