Mets Win Close One Vs Diamondbacks, Force 5th Straight Loss For Arizona

On Friday night, the Diamondbacks hosted the Mets for the first of a three-game series at Chase Field. Arizona has been struggling of late, coming home after losing 9 of their last 12 games, including being swept by Colorado in their last series of four games.

Jon Duplantier made his Major League starting debut with the Diamondbacks tonight, and by all accounts, pitched well enough to get a win. He went five full innings, giving up six hits, three earned runs, while striking out four.

The Mets would get to Duplantier after they led off the top of the 2nd with a walk, single, single, and a double to take a 3-0 lead. Home Plate umpire, Jim Wolf would leave …

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International Signings Hot List

With each passing year, we are seeing more and more spectacular talent excelling in the majors from all over the world. Most notably,  players hailing from Venezuela and the Dominican Republic have adopted baseball at a young age as a way of life with the dream of playing at the major league level.

On July 2, the 2017-18 International Signing Period opened, allowing teams a chance to find the next Miguel Sano or Jose Altuve. This year, in particular, revealed many MLB caliber players that have a good chance of transitioning over to the big leagues.

Below are some notable players to keep an eye out for. Note: Cuba not included due to the special circumstances where the player needs …

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Press The Panic Button? Baseball Is Back!

The past three weeks have been heaven for baseball fans. The sport we live for is back! You will never find fans of one sport so die hard that when it’s not on, they sink into a funk so deep that the only thing that can possibly bring us out of it is maybe the sound of a ball hitting a wooden bat playing over and over like a stuck record player. Even then, it’s not quite the same. Once the beginning of April comes around, the sky shines a bit more blue, the birds sing a bit sweeter, and the smell of fresh cut grass burns into our nostrils and nothing could be more pleasant.

The 2016 season is …

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