Ep: 016 – Intrapreneurship

Team:5 Paragraph Community                                         Event type: Solo talk

Coordinator:Michael J. Penney                            Task organization: Podcast


Business leaders inside large organizations find it difficult to convey ideas to senior leadership. Conversely, senior leadership find it difficult to allow subordinate leaders ‘run amok’ with their ideas. – 5 Paragraph Business Plan empowers all leaders. 

Mission:  Put a plan into action using 5 Paragraph Business Plan to break down and task out ideas from senior leadership. Use 5 Paragraph Business Plan to back brief senior leadership on how actions will take place. 


Senior leadership puts vision down on paper for subordinates to digest. 

Senior leaders task subordinates with the initiatives that need to be done in order of phase/priority. 

Tasked leaders construct a 5 Paragraph …

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012 – Delegation with 5P

Team:5 Paragraph                                                   Event type: 5P Podcast


Coordinator:Michael J. Penney                 Task organization: Solo talk



Delegation can be extraordinarily difficult for some leaders. It requires trusting people.


5 Paragraph Business Plan makes things easier for leaders with delegation issues


Mission:Build an executive vision for your team to work with so leaders at every level know when they are running out of the boundaries set by executive leadership.



5 Paragraph is intent on helping you delegate effectively


Build an executive vision

  • Outline the mission of the organization
  • Discuss the problems facing the organization
  • Share the capabilities and limitations of your team and supporting elements
  • Outline the seasonal effects on the organization and your team
  • Layout the
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011 – Plan for Action

Team:5P                                                                   Event type: 5P Podcast


Coordinator: Michael J. Penney                 Task organization: Solo talk



Traditional business plans are written then put on the shelf.


Teachers, mentors, colleagues can help you write a business plan, but who’s going to read it?


Mission:Write a business plan that outlines your executive vision.


5 Paragraph is simple and quick. It’s intended to be briefed to a team of people in order to cause action.



It’s 5P’s intent to get you writing with a bias for action, not to simply to pitch.


Who reads business plans? How do they read them? Why do they read them?


Investors will tell you how they typically read a plan. They …

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010 – Join the conversation on social media

Team: 5 Paragraph Users                                                    Event type: Briefing


Coordinator:Michael J. Penney                             Task organization: 5P Facebook Group



We are growing our community and we need your help. Join our closed Facebook group.We welcome you to join us for a discussion between business leaders.


Business leaders of all varieties are welcome. We are focused on finding patriotic business leaders who understand the need for hard working Americans to come together in order to achieve a common mission.


Mission:Join the conversation on social media. We post to Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook. We have a Facebook group “5 Paragraph – Community”, where we share recent events and behind the scenes material.



5 Paragraph’s intention is to have a …

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Succession Planning with 5P

Team:5Paragraph.com                                                         Event type: 5P Podcast


Coordinator:Michael J. Penney                              Task organization: Solo Talk



Baby boomers have to pull out their IRA or 401K at age 70.5.


Presidential executive order could push that back to 72,75, or later.


Mission: Think about your succession plan. How do you want to setup your future so that you can retire and ensure your heirs receive their inheritance?



Commander’s Intent:  Choose 5 Paragraph to organize your succession plan. For individuals seeking an outside perspective.


Scheme of Maneuver:  5 Paragraph will help you organize your plan for moving forward through retirement and beyond.


Coordinating instructions: Call for an assessment. It’s free to get started.

We are your succession …

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