Ep: 161 – Retro TV Shows and Movies

Its Throw Back Thursday!  Take a listen as we continue our RETRO series. 

In this episode Adam & Patti discuss some of the T.V. shows and Movies they watched growing up.   What are some shows or movies you watched as a kid?…

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2015 All-Time Greatest Sports Movies Debate

It’s that time of year again, where we debate the best sports movies of all time.  However; this year is a bit different.  Since we couldn’t come to a consensus, we decided to put it to a vote!  Take a look at the lists below and then make your vote.


JD Brent
20 Babe 20 Moneyball
19 Rudy 19 The Replacements
18 Tin Cup 18 Remember the Titans
17 Field of Dreams 17 42
16 Bull Durham 16 Little Big League
15 Slapshot 15 Rocky III
14 The Natural 14 Miracle
13 Secretariat 13 Rookie of the Year
12 A League of Their Ow 12 Any Given Sunday
11 Any Given Sunday 11 Bull Durham
10 The Replacements 10
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