The Real Reason Behind Patriots Success

In case you missed it, the New England Patriots are once again standing on the top of the mountain as NFL Champions.  Just in this century alone, they have been to an astonishing nine Super Bowl’s, winning six of them.  It doesn’t matter who the competition is, what their offense or defense is ranked, where they were ranked in the regular season, or who is lined up on the other side of the ball, they just find a way to win.  Each time somehow reinventing themselves and creating a game plan that nobody saw coming.

And in each year, there has been two constants; Bill Bellichick, and Tom Brady.  On one hand, we have a former disciple of Bill Parcells …

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Top Destinations For LeVeon Bell In 2019

At this point, it’s all speculation, but it’s really fun to do?  After the Pittsburgh Steelers failed to sign LeVeon Bell to a long-term contract before the offseason deadline, he’ll more than likely be playing his last games this season as a Steeler under the Franchise Tag.  If Pittsburgh wants him back next year, they’ll have to seriously back up the Brinks truck for him, which they have already shown that they are not prepared to do, at least this year.  But before I go into where I believe he’ll be going, let’s cross off a few teams and crush a few fans dreams of having the best all-around running back in the game on their team.

Where He’s Not

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Patriots Player Power Rankings: Week 3

Alright Pats fans, here’s the first change to the Patriots Player Power Rankings in the 2017-2018 NFL season.  And it’s a good thing that I’m putting these changes out every two weeks instead of every week, because only a couple players deserved to even be noticed after the Patriots got beat down by the Chiefs in week one.  But thank God for the Saints and that usually horrible defense, which allowed the Patriots offense to get back on track to a level close to what fans are used to seeing them at.  Granted, week two was nowhere close to a perfect game, but with injuries already piling up on all sides of the ball, I think it was about as …

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NFL: 5 Things We Learned In Week One

Many fantasy football teams were shattered with the rash of injuries that occurred in week 1.  Cardinals elite RB David Johnson is out with a wrist injury for 2-3 months. Jaguars WR Allen Robinson suffered a torn ACL, and Ravens RB Danny Woodhead suffered a hamstring injury that could have him sidelined for six weeks. Jeremy Langford was acquired to replace Woodhead, Chris Johnson to replace D Johnson, and Hurns or Lee will have to step up with the loss of Robinson. Adjust your teams accordingly.

What else did we learn from Week One?

  1. The Patriots are not perfect. Yes, you heard it here. There goes the Patriots perfect season. On Thursday night, the Patriots were manhandled by the KC
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Patriots Player Power Rankings: Preseason

I’ve written a few different power rankings articles in the past.  I’ve written about defensive power rankings, offensive power rankings, quarterback power rankings, and entire team power rankings.  Today, I’m going to do something different just for my Patriots followers, and do a Patriots Player Power Rankings!  This is a list of the top 20 players on the Patriots, put in order of how much of a role they will play in this years season.

To get started, I’m going to create this list with a few honorable mentions.  And let me just say one thing; there are over 50 players on this team (or will be once all cuts are made), so it’s not a bad thing to be …

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