The Media Are Losing Their Own Immoral Competition

On Monday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York announced on Twitter that for sale are “New York Tough” posters, personally commissioned by the governor himself, depicting the state’s response to the virus as being “Smart, United, Disciplined and Loving.” The scene includes state residents working together to flatten the curve by pulling a rope down over the peak of a mountain (“The Power of ‘We’”) and a celebration of the state’s response from the making of hand sanitizer to mask-wearing. A rainbow reading “Love Wins” graces the peak, directly below Cuomo’s quoting of himself: “Wake Up America! Forget the Politics! Get Smart!”

The naval-gazing is truly extraordinary, particularly when considering the actual data out of New York.

As of Wednesday, …

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Challenge Extended Ep: 010 – Marathon Winner Daniel Romanchuk

Wheelchair Racer Daniel Romanchuk has been on fire the past couple of years. He has won the Chicago Marathon, the London Marathon, the New York City Marathon (he earned the title of youngest athlete to do so) and many more. In 2019, Daniel became the first American to win the Boston Marathon in 26 years in his category. He has already landed a spot to represent Team USA at the Tokyo Paralympic Games for a second chance to win a Paralympic Medal.


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