Ep: 036 – VetFest Aftermath

In this episode we talk about VetFest IV. In order to talk about VetFest you have to first understand what VetFest is. For me, I saw it as a coming together of a lot of veteran run businesses and non-profits who’s goal is to make the veteran space better. A lot of companies focused on suicide prevention and getting help to those that need it. Others were artists that use their crafts to help them cope with the issues they are going through. Then there were the others that were just trying to make the world a better place for not just veterans but people as a whole. Definitely an event I will go to again. 

I managed to interview …

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Ep: 192 – Operation Valor Founder, Sean Valigura

In this episode we talk with U.S. Navy Veteran and the founder of Operation Valor, Mr. Sean Valigura.  Sean talks about how he all started from running an Obstacle Course.  Operation Valor, their mission is to support veterans in need… Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally.  Operation Valor is a 501©3 and helps raise money for other non-profits in the military/veteran community.  Check out their website https://opvalor.org 

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