Militia Threatens Police Officers in Oregon

The American news cycle, focused as it is on chaos and despondency, often feels relentless. With all eyes on the White House and its controversial occupant, stories slip through the cracks. In June, a truly unhinged series of events avoided national media attention; one involving a climate change bill, an anti-government militia, and a pro-Trump subreddit. It represents a grim turn in American politics, and will endanger the lives of law enforcement officers until rectified.

No-Shows in Salem

Our story takes place in Salem, capital of the state of Oregon. Democrats control the governor’s office and hold supermajorities in both chambers of the legislature. At the behest of environmental activists, HB 2020, which would institute a statewide cap-and-trade …

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SunDevils Roast Ducks In The Desert!

After losing two non-conference games in a row, the Arizona State SunDevils badly needed a win going into their first conference game against the 24th ranked Oregon Ducks.  The Ducks came into SunDevil Stadium after winning their first three games of the season, and labeling their offense as one of the best in the country.  But it turned out that the offense for the Ducks would struggle early and fail to fire when needed late in the game.

Manny Wilkins would have a solid game for Arizona State, completing 24/39 passes for 347 yards and a touchdown pass to N’Keal Harry. Wilkins also added two rushing touchdowns on 35 yards rushing.

The Oregon Ducks struggled to contain the SunDevil Wide …

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