They Commence With De-Trumpification

After the Nazis were defeated in World War II, Germany adopted a policy called “streitbare Demokratie,” or “defensive democracy.” The idea was that protecting German democracy required stripping Nazis of their rights and effectively erasing the Nazi era from history, given the obvious dangers of Nazism. Part of this effort was called denazification. Presently, newspapers cannot print Nazi propaganda. Citizens have no freedom to speak in favor of the movement. Nazis don’t find work in Germany.

Now, nobody is going to find Americans defending any Nazis—and rightfully so. But there should be precisely zero support for defensive democracy in the United States. From the American founding, the answer to people who use their rights for ill is for more people, …

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The Gaslighting Is Going to Destroy Us

On Wednesday, rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol building in a failed attempt to overturn the results of a democratic presidential election with violence. This was the first time since the British invaded the United States during the War of 1812 that the heart of American democracy has been assaulted. It was an act of insurrection.

The Congress, convened to count electoral votes from the states, was put into lockdown. The U.S. National Guard was called in to put down the rebellion. Americans on all sides of the political aisle, from pundits to senators to the vice president, unequivocally condemned the political violence and our leaders resumed their constitutional obligations—which were disrupted only so much as was necessary to ensure their …

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America Wins, Again

Regardless of whether or not President Trump pulls out this election, America has won. Republicans will likely hold the Senate. They’ll likely gain seats in the House. Democrats may not pick up a single state legislature in a redistricting year. The radical leftist agenda will be dead on arrival. Would it be better if Trump wins? Of course. But he performed his duty, and during an unprecedented time in modern American history.

The past six months have not been about politics alone. In certain respects, they’ve been about good and evil, and which would triumph and by what means. As imperfectly as humanly possible, Trump stood on the side of good. He opposed the rioting and stood against mob rule. …

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Can President Trump Still Win This Election?

The question weighing on the minds of most Americans right now is, can President Donald Trump somehow pull this thing out? The circumstances are dire for his reelection campaign. The economy is in the gutter, even though that’s the fault of state and local Democrats refusing to lift lockdown restrictions on struggling businesses; the American public believes the virus is more deadly than it actually is, though that’s because of hysterical media coverage; a majority of Americans believe that Trump mishandled the pandemic response, even though he was no less knowledgeable than Democrats at the outset and no Democrat has articulated what exactly they would have done differently; and the nation is in the midst a so-called “racial reckoning,” even …

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Political Extremists Threaten to ‘Blow up the Entire System’ Unless They Get Their Way

Last Friday, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away. With a vacancy now on the Supreme Court, President Donald Trump has stated that he plans to nominate a judge by the end of the week. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) will have a vote on that nominee. Senate Republicans, bolstered by support from Sens. Mitt Romney of Utah, Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, appear to have the requisite yeas to confirm. Suffice it to say that the leftists aren’t comporting themselves particularly well. If their last attempt to thwart a nominee featured false allegations of sexual impropriety, this one boasts the sort of political extremism that would make even Stokely Carmichael blush.

In a diatribe …

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