Ep: 041 – The Baby T Chronicles

In this episode we talk about…Baby T. The baby is coming soon to a hospital kinda near me. This will be the final episode with the Baby T Chronicles. After this episode we won’t be talking about the pregnancy in present tense because on Monday the 6th 2020, we go in for induction. My wife is scared shitless and I’m excited as hell. See you next episode…. Take a listen as I discuss some of the things we went through durning this pregnancy up to this point. HOLY CRAP I’M GOING TO BE A DAD! …

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Ep: 038 – Welcome Back

Welcome Back everyone! It’s been a few weeks and yes we say welcome back because with it being holiday season, we have been on the run! So here we go, in this episode we talk about week 35 of the Baby T update, how things are going, hard to believe Baby T is right around the corner. We also discuss the new direction we are going to be taking the Reclaimed American Show! We are glad you are here with us and if you have not already, please follow us on Social media and check out the website below!





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Ep: 035 – Truth

In this episode we talk about Truth. So many times people talk in half truths about things because we don’t want to let people in. I cover a little bit about that in this first installment of the Truth. Take a listen and let me know what you think.


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Ep: 033 – Denny Katona – O.P. Veteran

In this episode we interview Denny Katona with O.P. Veteran. We talk about their upcoming event VETFEST. It will be held in Round Rock, Tx on November 2 from 12-5 with an after party from 5-9. If you’re even going to remotely be in the area I would highly recommend you check it out. Reclaimed American will have a booth there and we are looking forward to seeing everyone there.

We also talked about the joys of setting up such an event, setting up a 501c3 and of course…the Baby T Chronicles. 

You can find out more about O.P. Veteran and VetFest at:

O.P. Veteran FB

VetFest FB

O.P. Veteran website: opveteran.org

If you want to know more about Reclaimed …

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Ep: 032 – Fun Times, Upcoming Events and More

In this episode, I explain why last week was a crazy week and you may have noticed there was no show.  Good News is, I’M BACK! and got some cool updates I’m excited to share with you about a few upcoming events.  I also want to let you know that there will soon be a video portion of the show launching soon as well, you’ll be able to watch on Youtube and our closed group on Facebook so be sure to check out and follow both of those pages! 


Facebook Closed Group

Facebook Show Page

YouTube Page

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