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The S3 Sports Show: JD is BAAAACK!

JD is back with The S3 Sports Show! He introduces the new Monday Moron Award, Jocks and Jokes, The Desert Dime where JD tells you whether he is buying or selling what the Suns just did, Sports Fah Fah Away, This Day In Sports History, Wicked Smaht Predictions, and JD’s Pep Talk!

Women in Baseball There has been no better time in history for women to break ground in the ranks of Major League Baseball. This past week at All-Star Game fanfest the All-Star caliber talent wasn’t just on the field. A panel of baseball minds sat down to discuss baseball gender diversity, led mostly by women […]

The time may have finally arrived. If you live on the eastern seaboard, you may not have to travel all the way out to Vegas for the Super Bowl or NCAA tournament next year. The Jersey Shore may soon be a convenient destination to place your wagers. This fall the Supreme Court will allow New […]

Challenge Extended, Ep: 005 - Jami Goldman Marseilles

Jami Goldman Marseilles is an elementary school teacher, a motivational speaker, an author of two books, and has been featured in two major motion pictures, (including one produced and directed by Steven Spielberg), as well as a highly acclaimed Adidas foot wear tv commercial. Her remarkable chronicle of redemption began on a fateful day in […]

Caddyshack And The Decline Of Western Civilization: The Top 5 Sports Comedies Of All Time Disclaimer: I was born in 1981, a year after Caddyshack was released. I was not privy to the mind control that took place and created this magical hold on whomever watched it. A catalyst is defined as a a person […]

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