18 Years, 250 Races: Detailing Mike Harmon’s NASCAR Career

NASCAR Veteran Mike Harmon has seen 18 years of NASCAR Xfinity. That’s 18 years of qualifications, 18 years of practice and traveling across the nation to take his place in the lineup at the start of each Saturday race. Those 18 years have added up to 250 races this Saturday. For Harmon, the time seems to have flown by almost as fast as the cars on a track come race day. “I did not even realize it until it was brought to my attention,” Harmon said when asked to reflect on his career. While it may feel like a blur to Harmon, every story begins somewhere and for him, that means going back to the very beginning.

Before racing

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Harmon to Take Part in 250th NASCAR Race Saturday

This Saturday marks a major milestone for Mike Harmon and his racing team. As the starting flag waves at Auto Club Speedway in San Bernadino County, California Harmon will take his 250th start in a NASCAR Xfinity race.

For the last 18 years, Harmon has been a consistent staple in the NASCAR Xfinity franchise, with his rookie year occuring in 1996 followed by a five year hiatus that led to his current streak which began in 2001. Since his 2001 return, the 60-year-old driver has appeared in every series.

When asked about this monumental milestone in his career, Harmon appeared humbled, saying “I did not even realize it until it was brought to my attention. I appreciate life first, I

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Women in Baseball

Women in Baseball

There has been no better time in history for women to break ground in the ranks of Major League Baseball.

This past week at All-Star Game fanfest the All-Star caliber talent wasn’t just on the field. A panel of baseball minds sat down to discuss baseball gender diversity, led mostly by women in the industry, including women who currently reside in several front offices. The women discussed the challenges that women still face in a male dominated industry. This panel was hosted by Kim Ng, and for those of you that don’t know her she has forged a path for women in America’s pasttime.

While the front offices of baseball have long been considered an old-boys club, …

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Jersey May Be Getting With The Program

The time may have finally arrived. If you live on the eastern seaboard, you may not have to travel all the way out to Vegas for the Super Bowl or NCAA tournament next year. The Jersey Shore may soon be a convenient destination to place your wagers.

This fall the Supreme Court will allow New Jersey’s bid to allow sports betting. If New Jersey succeeds in this feat, it will be a monumental victory for Atlantic City who will see a dramatic increase in tourism around the time of major sporting events.

The Sports betting handle in Nevada increased over 2 billion dollars from 2006 to 2015. As of 2017, sports betting is now a $5 billion dollar industry in …

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Caddyshack And The Decline Of Western Civilization

Caddyshack And The Decline Of Western Civilization: The Top 5 Sports Comedies Of All Time

Disclaimer: I was born in 1981, a year after Caddyshack was released. I was not privy to the mind control that took place and created this magical hold on whomever watched it.

A catalyst is defined as a a person or thing that precipitates an event. Sports is a catalyst. For the avid sports fan it is precursor of a wide range of emotions. It precipitates elation for an unassuming fan as Stephen Curry hits a 30 footer at the buzzer to win the game as another fan witnessing the same series of events is filled with agony as Curry shot goes in and he …

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