California GOP Voter Suppression and the Wildfire Connection

Photo by Pawe? Czerwi?ski on Unsplash


California GOP Voter Suppression and the Wildfire Connection

Robert Patrick Lewis

There has been a lot of talk over the past several months regarding the possibility of voter suppression and voter fraud in the midterm elections that happened last Tuesday.  But how many times have you heard about the California GOP voter suppression that actually occurred?

As we begin to dig deeper into what happened in the months leading up to and the day of the elections, however, it looks like the very people who made the loudest accusations were themselves responsible for voter suppression (see: projection & misdirection).  

Democrats have long tried to argue that any voter ID law is racist and

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Ep: 008 – Voting in the Midterms                                                         Event type: 5P Podcast


Coordinator:Michael J. Penney                              Task organization: Solo Talk



Voting in the midterm election. Many “Presidential Election Voters” pass on the midterm elections. These midterms are extraordinarily special. We have a chance to re-right the ship that is America.


Organizations with family values at their core. Policy makers with strong moral integrity.


Mission:Engage with your community to vote for conservative outsiders. Change begins with fresh minds. Elect individuals who are ready to serve and lead.



Commander’s Intent: Servant leadership


Scheme of Maneuver: Engage with business leaders at organized events such as, town halls, VFW meeting, American Legion Halls, Business Clubs.


Coordinating instructions:  Small businesses are the heart …

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