Ep: 006 – WVSJ Utah Ambassador, Sophelia Russ

Today on Women Veteran Social Justice Network podcast CEO and Founder BriGette McCoy speaks with WVSJ Utah Ambassador and former intern Sophelia Russ about being a student intern in a women veteran non profit. What it took to go after and accept a role leading programs and services for children with mental health diagnoses.

Sophelia discloses how close her experiences and obstacles mirrored those of the women veteran she worked with and how interacting with the Network of women support gave her strength and confidence for self discovery to new opportunities.
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Ep: 004 – Sr Ambassador and Lead Training/Policy Advisor Diana Danis

Today on Women Veteran Social Justice Network podcast CEO and Founder BeiGette McCoy speaks  with Sr Ambassador and lead training/policy advisor Diana Danis. She served in the 1970s as the first woman radio news anchor on the American Forces Network, Europe and seven years in the Active Army Reserves as a PSYWAR Intel Analyst.

Danis is a multi-faceted intergenerational leader in the women veterans community and has received many awards for her work that has included groundbreaking legislation, creation and implementation of national demonstration projects for veteran homelessness and diversity, and in 1986 was the founder of the first national social justice organization for women veterans in US history.…

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