The Beauty of Intuition


“Something just kept telling me”


“Gut check”

These are all sayings we have heard when it comes to Intuition.  It is a topic that takes many sides. Scientists have debated validity; the military is researching it due to the split-second decisions of soldiers and no matter what kind of human interaction we are engaged in- we have used it.

But what is “IT”.  Intuition is that voice that tells us what we already know deep down. It is the message from our Souls.   It is what guides us on so many of our thoughts and decisions.  Sometimes it is loud and headed straight for us like a Mack truck and other times it is a quiet nagging voice that doesn’t fade.   Our Intuition may tell us things we want to hear so we rejoice and follow the path of that voice. That is easy and works out beautifully.   But more often, our brains shut it off and our hearts turn away from the sound it makes.  Why do we do that?  We trust our ears to hear, we trust our eyes when we see things, we trust our knowledge of touch.  So why don’t we trust our Intuition? Why do we hear that little voice in our heart and head but then ignore it? – even when it is something that might make our lives, relationships or health better.  The answer- FEAR.

Fear of failure so I won’t start that business, Fear of reality so I won’t acknowledge my behavior to change, Fear of being alone so I won’t end this destructive relationship, so we simply do not acknowledge the voice.  It is so easy to ignore when we are all sitting in the Royal Court  of Denial.

The Beauty of Intuition is that it may get ignored and denied but it NEVER goes away.  Think of it like the Snooze button on your alarm.  You can turn it off but it will come back on.  It might be subtle and soft or it might be loud to get you to move but It will move through your heart and head and remind you to listen.

Even when you try to ignore your Intuition, you are still having a conversation with it.  Your thoughts answer it with, “ I am too old to switch jobs”  “ He/She is really a good person, I can live with it”, “ What if it doesn’t work out”  We fill our heads day in and day out with self-doubt while trying to close the door on that voice.

But what happens when we do finally listen? Listening to your Intuition doesn’t mean that everything will succeed and be infinite happiness and wealth.  It means You owned it, You tried, You worked.  That is the beauty of it… Intuition is there as a guide -USE IT.  The beauty of your intuition is it is your Spotlight within YOUR life.  It is what YOU KNOW for YOU.

Throughout my personal and professional career, I have helped hundreds of women listen and then  navigate some of the most difficult times in their life.  Whether it be career, family, relationship or self.  When a woman discovers to trust her intuition it develops the beauty within her.  Some beautiful women might not have the perfect bodies, hair or make-up.  They are beautiful because they have confidence and trust of themselves.   We as women, loose ourselves to others.  It is just the nature of being a significant other, mother, worker, daughter, sister etc.   My goal is to help women rediscover their beauty.   Defining their beauty by identifying What They and only They define as beautiful.

Sure I can help with make up and  products to apply but if You do not feel beautiful on the inside and know what makes YOU happy then there is not a lotion or potion in the world that will help. Real beauty comes from learning and listening to the voice inside, your gut and getting to trust it because then you will trust yourself and YOUR INTUITION.

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