The Confessional

The confessional is a judgment-free vestibule where business people open up (confess) what has worked very well for them in business, what has gone horribly wrong in their business. Most importantly, we review & discuss the valuable lessons that have been learned from each. The conversation will then change to give the interviewee an opportunity to pen (verbally) an open letter to their young self, thanking/warning/ or advising what to do differently, look out for, and do more of.  Then, an opportunity to pen an open letter to their older self. We’ll find out who that older self is, what they look like, what they are doing, and how they turned out. A guest book/blog will be available to serve as a physical remembrance of our time together, as well as hold the guest accountable to each.


Meet the Host:

Anthony Mauriello is federally licensed to represent taxpayers on every level of taxation. From sole proprietorships and corporations, Anthony knows the jealously guarded secrets of the IRS that they don’t want ordinary taxpayers to know. Armed with the knowledge of these secrets, he is able to use them as tools to best proactively plan for and prepare client taxreturns, as well as fiercely defend his clients at audit. Anthony is considered the foremost expert in his field, specialing on the many aspects of Real Estate & Insurance investing as it pertains to annual taxsavings. He is often called as an expert witness and to provide opinions on taxscenarios. He has had both state and federal auditors refer his firm to clients in need.

Anthony sits in the board of several, not for profit organizations, holiday parade committees, and school PTA boards. He’s worked with Boro-president offices in the Staten Island Mayor’s office in Farmingdale, NJ, and has sat as treasurer for several NYC candidates for Mayor, a public advocate, Boro-president, and Assembly. He and his wife Nayda are honored to also be raising two gentlemen (Santino (5), and Lorenzo (14


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