The Power of Investing in People Podcast

Feeling frustrated about your choices and need a pick-me-up? Look no further! You can expect to be empowered to invest in yourself when hearing these inspirational nuggets, insights, and stories from industry leaders of their own personal traumatic experiences.

This podcast will empower you to invest in yourself first so it overflows onto your family, your business and your community. 

“When we share our own lessons learned of overcoming obstacles, we ignite a tiny spark of hope, love, connection, and community. And when we ignite that spark, the whole world lights up. That’s The Power of Investing in People!”


Meet the host Shā Sparks

Being an overcomer of abuse, addiction, depression, anger, low self-worth, being a bully and being bullied, Shā Sparks has taken her own personal traumatic experiences and transformed her life into a treasure.

Growing up with a father who was drafted in the Army to serve in Korea, she has inherited his “I don’t have a choice” mindset. Now, she uses that determination to propel others to make fearless choices for their own success. 

As a speaker, coach, author, and podcast host, she empowers other trauma survivors to invest in themselves by peeling away the layers and heal. Then she guides them to breakthrough fear by transforming their own trauma into treasure in order to find their true purpose in life. 

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