The Reclaimed American Podcast

The Reclaimed American podcast is dedicated to teaching you practical skills to help you in life. Whether it’s doing honey-do’s, larger projects around the house, fixing the car or starting fires. Indoors or out…we’ll help guide you along your journey to become the handy person you are capable of being. Join your host, Navy Veteran Shad Turner, on his quest to teach you the skills typically passed down from fathers and grandfathers. You CAN learn how to do things for yourself and you CAN reclaim your independence. 


Shad has worked in a wide range of industries: heating and air conditioning, environmental remediation, home remodeling, industrial heating, oil and gas instrumentation, technical training and international travel coordination just to name a few. 


Joining the Navy at 19, he went to Great Lakes for boot camp. After boot camp he was sent to Millington, TN to be trained as an Aviation Electronics Tech (AT). From there Shad got stationed in Guam and became one of the most junior personnel to hold the position of Team Leader of the Sidewinder missile maintenance site at that time. 


Now Shad has been married for the last 17 years. Works as an overhead crane technician by day, woodworker and podcaster by night. 

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