Written by on 05/22/2018

Washington, DC – Heroes Media Group, LLC

US Navy Vet, DAVE BRAY USA releases NEW ‘Storyteller Album’ that will change the Music Industry forever! It debuted Today at #6 on the iTunes Rock charts and is called “Music on a Mission”.

Bray’s story telling tracks along with his truly unique approach to songwriting will pull you into this audio journey like a black hole.

This album will take you through a whirlwind of emotions and will plant a seed of good will and patriotism into your heart.  Bray uses his warm tones to narrate the musical masterpiece and with his storyteller album he takes you inside the mind of the Patriot behind the music…

“The music is like something you would hear on a movie soundtrack”, says Bray… “The kind of songs that give you goosebumps, fill you with pride or tear at your heart.”


We asked Bray why he narrated the album and he quite profoundly stated:

“There is a War going on in this country that no one is willing to fight…It is the War for the minds of our Children…”  “I used ‘Music on a Mission’ as an opportunity to speak directly to our Citizens, both young and old, about the current state of America and what we are leaving behind for our youth…this album is extremely relevant to the times in which we live.”

“I speak openly about Faith as well as the Godlessness that is blanketing our airwaves and our country.  I teach a some very important history lessons and I warn about the future of this Nation…”

“All the songs on ‘Music on a Mission’ directly correlate to the daily battles of our Police, our Firefighters, our Veterans, our Military and most importantly our Faith!”

“Music on a Mission” is all about being a God-Fearing, Freedom-Loving, Flag-Waving PATRIOT!… It’s about standing up for what’s right!… So don’t just show the next generation how to stand up…Teach them what it means to be an upstanding citizen!”


Bray opens the doors to his album by saying…”Let’s get back to teaching some Respect…and Patriotism will follow.”

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