The Top Ten Books For Entrepreneurs

Written by on 07/20/2018

While I might not be in the best shape physically today, or at least in the kind of shape that I would prefer, I will say that my mind today is sharper than ever before.  One of the first things that I always tell my clients and those that I help and coach is to read every day.  I’m a firm believer in personal and professional development on a daily basis.  That’s why I created this list of The Top Ten Books For Entrepreneurs.  I don’t have these in any particular order, with the acception of the very first one.

  1. Think And Grow Rich ~ Napoleon Hill: I put this book first on my list of The Top Ten Books For Entrepreneurs because it was the first book I read after I made the decision that I was going to become a full-time entrepreneur.   So it has a special place in my heart.  This book takes you through 13 proven steps that you can follow to build a successful future as an entrepreneur.  And even though he wrote this in the early 20th century, pretty much all of the lessons in the book still apply today.  Which is why I consider Hill to be the GodFather of the modern-day entrepreneur.
  2.  Rich Dad Poor Dad ~ Robert Kiyosaki: At #2 for The Top Ten Books For Entrepreneurs is Rich Dad Poor Dad.  Kiyosaki wrote this book based on his two dad’s.  His real father (the poor dad), and his friends father (the rich dad).  The book discusses what the rich teach their kids about money and investing that the poor don’t.  He also talks about the difference between having money work for you instead of working for money.
  3. The 10X Rule ~ Grant Cardone: At #3 for my list of The Top Ten Books For Entrepreneurs is The 10X Rule.  Tony Robbins always says that the key to success is massive action.  Well, Grant Cardone has written the playbook for massive action.  It has helped me turn goals that I initially thought would be hard to hit, into goals that I absolutely shattered and allowed myself to reach new levels of success.  This is a must-read for any entrepreneur.
  4. The 4-Hour Work Week ~ Tim Ferris: At #4 for my list of The Top Ten Books For Entrepreneurs is The 4-Hour Work Week.  From working 80 hours a week to working four hours per week while turning his income from $40k per year to $40k per month.  Ferris finds the fountain of youth sort-to-speak as he discusses the importance of outsourcing and the idea of achieving more in less time.  Anyone who ever wanted the ability to travel more with or without quitting your job should read this!
  5. Start With Why ~ Simon Sinek:  At #5 for my list of The Top Ten Books For Entrepreneurs is Start With Why.  The most successful leaders create long-lasting relationships with their employees, customers, and followers because they inevitably “start with why.”  Why they are who they are; Why they do what they do; And why they continue to build more loyal followers than most other companies or leaders.  To understand the road ahead and the challenges that will need to be overcome, you must first start with why.
  6. The Achievement Habit ~ Bernard Roth:  At #6 for my list of The Top Ten Books For Entrepreneurs is The Achievement Habit.  There is no such thing as the perfect time to start anything.  This Stanford professor has written a great book to get people who have always had something that they have wanted to do, and turn it into action.  Get rid of excuses, stop crying, create a “take action” mindset, enjoy the idea of learning, and much more!
  7. The $100 Startup ~ Chris Guillebeau: At #7 for my list of The Top Ten Books For Entrepreneurs is The $100 Startup.  As it says on the cover, this book reinvents the way to make money in today’s world.  It also debunks the idea that you need a lot of money to start up your own business.  The author, Chris Guillebeau has done nothing but make money online and travel.  In fact, he has traveled to over 175 countries around the world.  All while thinking outside the box and continuing to evade the cubicle.
  8. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion ~ Robert Cialdini: At #8 for my list of The Top Ten Books For Entrepreneurs is Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.  This is a great book because it teaches you how to use different techniques to persuade the potential customer to take action. I especially liked the lesson of the Hare Krishna’s ability to get donations for “free flowers” at the airport.
  9. Expert Secrets ~ Russell Brunson: At #9 for my list of The Top Ten Books For Entrepreneurs is Expert Secrets.  If I could put this as my Facebook status, it would say that I’m currently in a relationship with Expert Secrets!  And it’s been going on for a minute now.  Most of the recent techniques that I have used to brand myself and my business, including what I teach to my clients, is from this book.  My only regret is that it’s not a hard covered book because I have opened it and folded it so many times as I’ve read and written notes that it’s already starting to show wear.  If you have a passion, this book will show you how to position yourself as an expert, regardless of the amount of knowledge that you currently know.  The best part?  People will pay you for what you currently know!  Get your FREE COPY HERE: 
  10. DotCom Secrets ~ Russell Brunson: At #10 for my list of The Top Ten Books For Entrepreneurs is DotCom Secrets. I guess if I’m currently in a relationship with Expert Secrets, I should also tell you that I cheat on it from time to time with DotCom Secrets! It’s simple, Russell Brunson is an absolute genius!  He has written what he calls “the underground playbook for growing your company online.”  And it works!  Proven shortcuts toward getting more traffic and higher conversions for your business, along with sales funnels, perfect webinars, and the actual scripts that Brunson uses to sell his own products!  Get your FREE COPY HERE:

My Great, Great, Great Uncle Samuel Clemens has a quote that I use quite often that says “those that don’t read have no advantage over those that can’t read.”  You should make time every day to not only learn something new, but take some sort of action on what you have read and learned.  There is no point in holding on to knowledge.  In my opinion, knowledge is not power if it is never used.  Pick up a book, or listen to an audiobook.  But then take action on what you have learned!  Trust me, you’ll thank me for it later!

Article by Jeff Demers

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