Theme Word 2019: Wellness

Written by on 01/07/2019

Happy New Year!  What is your theme word for 2019?  A theme word is similar to New Year’s resolutions, but the word is descriptive of your intended journey throughout the New Year.  My theme word is “Wellness.”

Are you in “charge” of your health care or do you nod in agreement with whatever your physicians decide?  Be proactive! I challenge you to be the “CEO” of your health care team.  I have a great doctor/patient relationship with all of my physicians.  I know my symptoms and I know what works and what doesn’t work. Be an “informed” patient. Find a physician you feel comfortable with and come to your medical appointments prepared.  Ask questions, take notes, bring someone with you, if there’s something that’s not clear, ensure it is explained to you. You pay for medical services. Get your money’s worth!

Start your year off with a physical (preventative maintenance for your body).  Keep a journal of all doctor visits, prescriptions, and tests.  Bring this journal to all of your medical appointments.

Wellness includes healthy eating.  One small change, drinking more water, can make a huge difference. Wellness includes exercise.  Find an activity you love.  It took a long time for me to find what worked for me. I now have a nutrition and fitness coach that comes to my home!  We exercise and meal prep together.

What is it you love to do?  When was the last time you did it?  Wellness includes finding your happy place and going there often.  Be the best version of you!

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