UN•COM•MON•OL•OGY™ The “Expressive Artistry” Podcast. With your Host Sistah Soldier, Serial Entrepreneur, Director and Producer of the SHE VET iNSPIRES Television Show.  This show was created to help women develop career strategies, express positive artistry that radiates encouragement, self-sufficiency, integrity and virtuosity. 


Sistah’s an Army Veteran, the Producer, and Director of the SHE VET iNSPIRES Television Show, UN•COM•MON•OL•OGY™ the “Expressive Artistry” Podcast, and one of 17 co-authors of an Amazons best-selling book titled Behind the Rank volume 2. Join her as she talks about transitioning into virtual careers. 

Every woman in the military community wants to be EXPRESSIVE – will experience transition, desires to have consistent income, has creativeness, and expertise that she’s eager to share with the world. 

UN•COM•MON•OL•OGY™ teachers her the ARTISTRY of being an expressive artist – the strategies of creative flow, provide her with encouragement, inspiration, the tools needed to become self-expressed, and the confidence to heal through art regardless of age, military status, or location. 

This podcast is for you if… 

1. You’re interested in discovering your creative side, want to become more expressive, be action-oriented entrepreneurs who take charge of their future. 

2. You’re interested in getting involved with an authentic entrepreneur community. 

3. You’d like to learn more about supporting creative veterans, service women, and spouses with virtual work who are within our community. 

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