Unvarnished Honesty

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Unvarnished Honesty is a podcast that seeks to push through the fluff and create conversations beyond the surface level. Whether it’s confessing her own mistakes and learning opportunities, or extracting the moments of truth from her guests, Heather’s goal is to educate, empower and inspire you to take action. Heather highlights the moments of transformation changing the trajectory of people’s lives – good and bad. She’s fascinated by understanding what sets a chain of events into action and whether or not people can clearly identify when that trajectory kicked off.

She’s a skilled interviewer with a passion for helping people share their stories. Whether her guest is a marketing expert, a military veteran, a house wife or CEO – she aims to peel back the layers and get to the gritty parts most people overlook. She knows a lot of truly fascinating people and is ready to get raw and real with them.

If you’re tired of hearing the same stories from the same people, Unvarnished Honesty will bring you fresh content from a new perspective. Heather wants you to walk away from each episode ready to implement new ideas –from self-exploration to executing new business tactics to just getting out of you own way – she’s driven to help you succeed.

Heather is an advocate for authenticity. She’s a catalyst for conversations worth having, and an enabler for ideas worth exploring. She’s fueled by tracking digital trends, innovation in technology, and taco trucks. She has a profound understanding of social networks, consumers and branding; and a pronounced intolerance for bullshit. As a Community Builder at GoDaddy, she leverages her skills as a connector and her drive to help small businesses succeed. Her mission in life is to help people lose their J-O-B and find their J-O-Y. She is an international speaker on the topics of social media, entrepreneurship, community and digital marketing. Heather is a veteran of the US Air Force and served her community as a police officer in both New Mexico and Arizona.

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