We help military, veterans, and first responders transform their lives from the bedroom to the boardroom.  Each week we visit a room in your live to help you thrive.  From intimacy topics in the bedroom to practical lessons in the living room and transforming your leadership in the boardroom.. We bring the wisdom of the old and contextualize it for the digital warrior of today.  No matter if you active duty, guard, reserve, veteran, first responder, or the family member, we want you to transform from Warhero2Superhero.  See you inside!!!    



About the Host:

Daniel is a author, speaker, and a training professional with over 20 years of combined experience.  In addition, he has faithfully served in the United States Air Force since 2000. He runs a business called Learn & Live, a dynamic business that offers training in a myriad of ways  via consultation, workshop, seminars, social media, and even books. From the smallest group to the biggest audience they will meet your needs and we are available nationwide. His goal is to transform the #warhero to a #superhero more living a life of surviving but a thriving life.  Catch him and his team on their new show #warhero2superhero which is growing into a network of great content and speakers. 

 Website: www.militarymarriagecounselingaz.com 

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