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Army Rolls Over the Midshipmen for 3rd straight season

Philadelphia, Penn. – This is known as American’s Game, filled with tradition.

For the 119thtime Army versus Navy took place on the gridiron.

It’s the only game where everyone on the field is a hero.

“The March On” happened a few minutes after 2:30 on Saturday; U.S. Military Academy Cadets and the Midshipmen of Navy marched onto the pristine green playing field. The country’s future military leaders, warriors and brothers and sisters in arms move onto the field in cadence in a manner so precise that it captures the entire crowd’s attention in awe.

For fun and entertainment, the two schools continue a tradition that no other game has when the complete “the prisoner exchange” as seven exchange …

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Congressional Record to one of our Nations Heroes, Dr. Hans Mumm

We recently had the honor to witness a friend, Dr. Hans Mumm, receive recognition for his government service as both military and a civilian. Some of you might remember the “Iraqi Regime Playing Cards, Top 55 most wanted List”… That was Dr. Hans Mumm creation.  Dr. Mumm has done some amazing things over the years.. Watch the video as Congressman Rob Wittman does a presentation of Legislation Honoring Dr. Hans Mumm.


Mrs. Mumm, Congressman Rob Wittman, Dr. Hans Mumm

CEO of Heroes Media Group, Mr. Adam Bird, Congressman Rob Wittman, Dr. Hans Mumm
Congressman Rob Wittman, Dr. Hans Mumm
Co-Founder of Heroes Media Group, Mr. Sam Cachola, Congressman Rob Wittman, Dr. Hans Mumm
Congressman Rob Wittman presenting the U.S.
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Grit, Determination, and Confidence

99,000 fans literally shake Kyle Field as the Texas A&M Aggies get ready to take on the 13th ranked Kentucky Wildcats. It’s game 6 of the season and Jimbo Fisher has begun to win over the Aggie faithful. If you ask fans what the biggest difference between Fisher and Sumlin is, the answer will surprise you.

Its not Jimbo’s offensive or defensive strategy that has endeared him to fans. It’s his ability to explain what he is doing and why. Watch one press conference and you will see Jimbo doing his best to communicate. Fans appreciate it. Despite two tough losses the Aggies have shown grit, determination, and confidence. These qualities were on display against Kentucky.

It’s a tough …

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Three longtime friends experience something distinctly Texan and uniquely Aggie

Wearing Aggie shirts they bought at a tent sale Klyer, Eric, and Andrew walked from Northgate to Kyle Field to witness their first football game in Texas.

When I asked them why travel to College Station they replied:

“We don’t have things like this in Oregon. There are a ton of people here and everyone is nice. Aggie fans have gone out of their way to make us feel comfortable.”

Asked if they had a military connection they wanted to share; each told a story about their grandfather.

Eric’s grandfather lost his hearing in an engine room aboard a Navy ship during World War II.

Klyer’s grandfather traded a pack of cigarettes for a violin at the end of his …

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Saboten 2018

Well its 2018 and that means another Saboten Con in the books, if your into anime and Japanese culture then this is the place for you. It’s held in sunny Phoenix, AZ at the Grand Sheraton Hotel downtown which is a great venue. The hotel itself is convenient to all kinds of restaurants and bars which I’ll get into a bit later. The convention itself takes up almost the entire hotel and is filled with vendors and exhibitors as well as panels and cafes. There is a little something there for everyone including the kids, with arts and crafts rooms and other activities geared towards the young ones. Every year they fly in guests from American and Japanese animation studios …

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