All the 2021 Political Predictions

Before I give you the lowdown on what 2021 is going to bring you, I have to make a confession: I am now a political orphan. I am a man without a home politics-wise. You see, I grew up in Boston, literally the most liberal, progressive city this side of the the Mississippi River. I grew up about 10 miles south of the birthplace of JFK. I heard my whole life that the Democratic party fought for the little man. David, you’re poor, the democrats fight for you. Republicans are the country club party. Old, rich white guys with way to much money and way too many golf clubs. Around age 20, I started to realize that everything I have …

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Why Was Jorge Zambrano Free to Kill Ron Tarantino Part 2: The Killer

On September 28, 2014 at 2214 hours a call came through to suburban Athol, Massachusetts Police Department. The caller reported after a weekend away from home, that his legally owned handgun had been stolen in a break-in. Officer Scott Dubrule was dispatched to the address and spoke to the owner who’s name has been redacted from sources. The owner stated he left on a Friday, September 26, and returned Sunday the 28th. The owner of the house reported necklaces, assorted DVD’S , and 400$ in cash missing in addition to his 40. caliber handgun with the serial number HAB2291. The officer noted that the front door was left unlocked, being that Athol is a very safe, sleepy town, and it …

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Why was Jorge Zambrano free to Kill A Cop?

Authors note: I have thought about this story for 4 years. It has kept me up at night, mystified me and made me downright angry. The corruption. The incompetence. The lies. The story was first reported here by the only real Journalist left in America. It still felt like a ”local” story to me. I hope I can bring more light to it nationally. The news came and went quickly after Ron Tarantino was gunned down. That angered me as well, I hope I can keep a little bit of his memory alive here in next few weeks retelling one of the most bizarre, and frankly, sad stories in the history of the commonwealth.


Part 1 : The Criminal …

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What To expect in A Joe Biden Presidency

Who is Joe Biden? I feel like I got that question a ton in the 6 months leading up to the presidential election. Most of my friends know I am a political junkie. Politics are like sports to me. There’s personalities, there’s drama, there’s compelling figures. I read, and I re-read. I fact check myself, and I double check my sources. I question myself and I question everything I think and see. One question I always come back to is: What does Joe Biden, are assumed ‘President-Select” stand for?


In the lead up to the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden hardly campaigned. He called a lid on his campaign most days ,he babbled incoherently on some days. and even …

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How The Mainstream Media tried to take down a Decorated Navy SEAL, Chief Eddie Gallagher

Authors Note:

I have reached out to Dave Phillips of the New York Times hundreds of times in the last few months for comment on this story. I wanted to have a conversation about his reporting on the Eddie Gallagher case, and his far out assumptions and slander. Phillips, and many of his New York Times colleagues refused comment. Many SEALs commented to me on background with the promise I would not use their names. No names appear in this story. On June 1st, 2020 Eddie Gallagher filed suit against the Times.


The best and worst thing to ever happen to Chief Eddie Gallagher was the President Of The United States taking up his case. On One hand, President …

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