Lawmakers Basing Decisions on Narrative, Not Data

It is September. Many states and localities have been locked down for six whole months now, even in spite of data showing that the curve in certain locations has been flattened for weeks. Major cities have been burning nightly over supposed “systemic” racism for four months now, with law enforcement being assaulted, residents terrorized and property stolen or destroyed. Traditionally, the goal of lawmakers has been to serve the interests of their constituents – and this was the key to reelection. This is no longer the goal or the key. The focus for many lawmakers now is upholding the narrative.

The narrative is that the virus is equally as dangerous for all populations and that those states which permit their …

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4 Reasons Distance Learning Makes Indoctrination Harder for Universities

It is that time of year in which youthful Americans nationwide head to campus for university learning. Notably, this fall is different from falls past. While many students are moving into residential housing, many others are commuting to campus or learning from home. These new circumstances, necessitated by tragic conditions, do make it more challenging for universities to perform a function at which they’re quite effective: indoctrinating the youth. Here are four reasons that the indoctrination may be hindered this semester:

Students Aren’t Surrounded by Campus Propaganda. Under normal circumstances, students head off to campus to live in residential housing and to make full-time use of university facilities. Once removed from the influences of their home lives, students may be …

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Biden Picks VP, Throws Lifeline to Trump Reelection Bid

On Tuesday, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden selected Sen. Kamala Harris of California to be his running mate. If there was a watch party at the White House in anticipation, President Donald Trump and his staffers should have been distributing party favors and popping the champagne upon hearing the good news. Then they should have begun preparations for his best shot at remaining president past January next year.

The choice of Kamala Harris as Biden’s vice-presidential pick is a godsend for the Trump reelection campaign for several reasons. First of all, Harris is a terrible person and a worse politician widely disliked by the American public. She ran for president in the Democratic primary by lying about her record as …

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4 Unfashionable Truths about Police Shootings

Lately we hear from many within the media and the Democratic Party that the United States is an endemically and systemically racist country, and that law enforcement is among the greatest threats to black lives. This narrative has been carefully promulgated over the past several years, beginning in earnest with the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014. It was in the aftermath of that killing that many institutions, including the Washington Post, began compiling data on police shootings.

These data, of course, give the lie to the prevailing narrative.

1. White Suspects Are Shot By Police At Far Higher Rates Than Black Suspects. According to the Washington Post database, in 2015, 49 percent of suspects …

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The Media Are Losing Their Own Immoral Competition

On Monday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York announced on Twitter that for sale are “New York Tough” posters, personally commissioned by the governor himself, depicting the state’s response to the virus as being “Smart, United, Disciplined and Loving.” The scene includes state residents working together to flatten the curve by pulling a rope down over the peak of a mountain (“The Power of ‘We’”) and a celebration of the state’s response from the making of hand sanitizer to mask-wearing. A rainbow reading “Love Wins” graces the peak, directly below Cuomo’s quoting of himself: “Wake Up America! Forget the Politics! Get Smart!”

The naval-gazing is truly extraordinary, particularly when considering the actual data out of New York.

As of Wednesday, …

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