The Rush to Work Out

The crowd grows bigger, as a combination of veterans, service members, first responders and civilians come together to accomplish the mission. It is not going to be easy but in the end everyone will have a stronger bond. A bond of sweat, tears and aching muscles on this special occasion.

They start with a one mile run, then move on to 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 squats and finish strong with another one mile run for good measure. The more experienced can choose to do all of this with a 20lbs vest on, for others just finishing will be an accomplishment.

No matter how you choose to do the work out, it is not about time, but rather the bond …

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Culinary Bootcamp Builds Comradery

It is hot and it is noisy but the troops don’t seem to mind, safety is important but the mission always comes first. Their leader goes around ensuring everyone is using the right tools and following instructions. Everyone understands why they are here, they all volunteered after all. For a few hours they forget about their injuries, they leave their problems at the door and they enjoy working alongside other veterans. The mission on this day is to build comradery, create something with their hands and go home with some new knowledge. I am talking about Arizona Culinary Institutes Culinary Bootcamp.

ACI’s Culinary Bootcamp is in its second year and going strong. This program is meant to assist wounded warriors, …

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