How I Accomplish My Goals, Even While Being A Caregiver

Recently, a friend of mine asked me how I have accomplished so much while being a caregiver to my husband. I began sharing some tips with her and decided I would share some tips with you. 

  • Wake up early! I always wake up by 0600 when I have things to do, sometimes earlier. Especially if I want to enjoy a cup of coffee without being rushed.
  • I schedule all doctor appointments on Tuesdays or Fridays. This enforces structured consistency (great for those with TBI) and it allows us to have a break from appointments during the week. 
  • I hire people to help! I periodically hire a handyman to fix things around our house. I also hire someone to take care
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Why Boundaries On Social Media Are A Must…

I’ve been a writer since I was in high school. I began writing for The Flint Journal when I was in 10th Grade for a newspaper they had called WORD UP. I’ve always liked to write and I have always interacted with people one way or another after writing an article. I was also the Editor in Chief of a newspaper for teenagers in the early 2000’s. 

I have been a talk show host discussing an array of topics from military life to everyday life since 2006. I’ve met many amazing people over the years thanks to blogging and podcasting. Many write in to give their opinions and feedback, either online or back in the day, via snail mail to …

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