Author: Pete Wehry

I spend a lot of time with coaches, mainly with college coaches, but this past week I was connected with some NBA coaches, their staff, and the professional athletes.  This was an incredible experience.  Why?  I was with these men during the days of the trade deadline.  What an experience! As I experienced this time, […]

Hey my name is Pete Wehry.  Former basketball coach [Northland International University—don’t google it—the school is closed—but if you do I will come up] and now serving college basketball with a ministry Nations of Coaches.  I have the privilege to be around the game a lot.  Actually, most of my days.  Practices, shoot-arounds, games, team […]

It is early in the college basketball season, but one thing is evident.  The transfer portal plays a huge role on teams, the coaching carousel continues to be a whirlwind, and the difference between “mid-majors and power 5’s” continues to be a smaller gap each year.  Sometimes the word “upset” is used in cases that […]

Let’s be real.  College basketball can be amazing.  There is a constant flux of amazing athleticism, incredible athletes playing at death breaking speed, guys that can drive it, dunk it, and stroke it from the outside.  To the high- flying slammer, to the mid-range floater, and to the long-range shooter there are amazing plays one after […]

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