Ep: 000 – Beginning thoughts

Dream Big Play Bigger
Dream Big Play Bigger
Ep: 000 - Beginning thoughts

Dream Big Play Bigger is about exploring the space between the dream and the action so that mean and women can live al life fulfilled. Every single human bing on the planet when born had a dream. Something exciting and beautiful that they could some day become. 
As we grow through life our experiences place filters on our view of ourselves and we become less and less certain that we can be anything special. 
When this happens we can find ourselves with dreams that we quickly write off because we are afraid of our own capabilities in action. So we get stuck with potential world changing ideas but nobody gets to hear them our our purpose goes unfulfilled. 
However!! We will explore that place where men and women have discovered their choice in the control of their thoughts and took action. 
With these incites and tools that we will discover together, we will find ourselves capable of our greatest dreams. Life will still be tough, and we will know how to navigate it in balance and possibly be the source of our communities balance! 

  • Confession of current real fear, I want to start coaching on my own some day and real evidence says I have the ability to effect peoples lives for the better. Despite this, I am working through the understanding of my fear that I wont generate enough clients to make it work. Un expected job status change today, I promised my wife I would make up the difference in 30 days. I am going to trust what I know and lean into that F.E.A.R and make it happen any way. August 23rd 2019 11:23 PM

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