Heroes Publish Podcast – Common Sense Transition with Karl Monger

Heroes Publish Podcast
Heroes Publish Podcast
Heroes Publish Podcast - Common Sense Transition with Karl Monger

On this episode of Heroes Publish Podcast, I sit down Author, Karl Monger.  Karl is an Army Ranger Veteran and is the Founder of GallantFew (https://gallantfew.org)His book, ‘COMMON SENSE TRANSITION – A CALL TO ACTION AND A BLUEPRINT FOR CHANGE.’ is a must have book that you can read or listen too. (https://amzn.to/3ghLdga)

It’s always good sitting down with Karl Monger and learning from him.  Take a listen and find out what Common Sense Transition is all about. It really is one of those books that has a lot of great nuggets you can use in your everyday life, so take notes.  Instead of saying “Why can’t I…(fill in the blank)’ you should be saying “What can I do to…(Fill in the blank)”.  So instead of asking “Why” ask “What”. We discuss some of the challenges veterans face when transitioning out of the military and what veterans and the community could be doing to help.  We talk about different types of fitness…Functional Emotional, Spiritual, Social, Processional and Physical fitness, what each of them mean. And of course we talk about… Common Sense. 

Karl also gives a sneak peek into his new book he is working on and talks a little bit about a section in it called “Understand you are a Unicorn”.  We wrap up by talking about something new the GallantFew is doing…. It’s called PATRIOT CHALLENGE! GallantFew’s PATRIOT CHALLENGE is a nationwide veteran transition advocacy and community fitness event. PATRIOT CHALLENGE brings together military and civilian PATRIOTS each February to raise funds for GallantFew’s transition support programs as well as national and local military and veteran support initiatives.(https://patriotchallenge.org)

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